What non-audiophile terms do you use in order to convince a friend to buy better audio or get into hi-fi audio?

I gotta’ wonder, have you ever guys used any terms to your friend that makes them in the end, hooked into this hobby of ours? If so, what terms of sweet words that you have used that are not so technical for them to be like us today?

“It’s like strapping subwoofers to your head”
“These sound like you’re listening in 4k”

I don’t actually say these things lemme make that clear

it sounds like sex

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“You can now clearly hear that your music taste sucks” :rofl:

Although it’s better to use like - “Don’t call yourself a music lover if you use 2 dollar earbuds.”


This is what I do:
“Hey what’s a song you like? Do you really think you know that song?”
Proceeds to hand them KPH30i

I don’t try to offend them, or make them feel bad about their current equipment since that will turn them away. And I don’t hand them something expensive since they assume good audio is always expensive (it’s not).

I just challenge what they think they know :wink:

From there if they ask what makes something sound good, you can start explaining audio terms to them.


“Have a bit of dignity to yourself and go get yourself some good sounds for your ears.”

Or I just do this, “Hey, you’re listening to some music? here give this one a try.” As I lend and let them borrow my IEMs that I don’t use.


Yeah go with this.

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“Just try it and hear it for yourself”

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Though it can be a bit disappointing when they are not open-minded about it, it’s like they are still trying to justify the purchase that they did on their shitty earphones/headphones by not trying our good shit. I’ve met people like those.

“You spent 600 on your screen, why not 200 on headphones?”

I have a friend like this, he spends $900 on a ultrawide panel and $1200 on a gpu but 150 bucks for a 58x is “too much”… Smh

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Maybe your friend needs some convincing?

I just let them listen to what they know and like on my system. The normal (and sad) outcome is: “yeah it sounds better but I don’t need it”.

If that dude is a competitive gamer you may want to convince him using audio gear that will improve his game. Shoutouts to the Zeos video:

Maybe go about it the other way round then. Show them what they payed for but are missing out on (only works when they have a game that is listed here):

Yeah naw not really a competitive player he just plays whatever he feels like, it he was competitive and playing on a 4k ultrawide he would have bigger problems than audio LOL

I hope he is not one of those owners who uses an Ultrawide 4K display yet he uses a freaking entry level GPU. xD my friend is like that, buying some peripherals that are branded and expensive yet his specs imo, shit.

no this guy always has to have the best hardware no matter what, he has a RTX 2080TI that he bought at launch LOL and will likely buy the 3080TI or whatever it will be called

Tbh I wouldn’t upgrade that quick, I mean I have 2600x build and it is still a capable CPU today also my RX 580 is not so bad since it can stll run some modern title to this day. I think at least 5 years that’s where your upgrade your build. Also yeah, if you can afford a damn RTX 2080Ti you should not complain getting yourself a damn Sennheiser or something to have good sounds like jesus you deserve more.

haha yeah i feel you, I’m running a 1600 and 1080ti and am pretty happy, but yeah my friend just doesn’t really care about upgrading too soon, he has the money to burn. anyways let’s not derail this thread any further :smile: