What’s best for the desk?

Been fumbling about looking for a perfect near field setup I have narrowed it down to 3 or 4.

  1. Jbl 306p mkii
  2. Mackie mr624
  3. Vanatoo t1e
  4. Adam t5v

Really the first three for me look the best. They all sound good from what I can gather. Leaning towards the mackies because they seem to be the near field king. Vanatoos are the most expensive so not sure if the price jump is worth it. Adams are just ok for me. Jbls look decent and sound great. Which to choose?

What are your thoughts?

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I’ve owned the JBL’s and they sound excellent, but you do get very audible hiss with these. It’s a well known problem with this series and can be very annoying. If you can drown out that noise, I say get them because are great for everything from music to movies to games. All that said, I hear the T5V’s are even better, but I have not heard them myself outside of a Guitar Center.

I have used both the JBL305P MKII and the Adam Audio T5V on my desk setup. I like the T5V a lot more. They put up a great nearfield soundstage with exceptional clarity and detail.

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It’s weird, when I was putting together this desktop system that I am currently running I never even considered powered speakers. I figure I am running enough power on the desk, I didn’t want the speakers to be one more thing! When I finally move on from these Neumi BS5’s, which I have been very happy with, I might reconsider and look the Adam T5V’s. Though I have been lustily looking at the Triangle Borea BR02…

I now currently own the Kali LP-6’s in White and they sound amazing, but they are huge.

One of the things I had to do was set a limit on how big the enclosures could be. For me, I knew I could not get away with a 6-inch driver on the desk, so I had to set the limit the driver size to 5-inch. Enter the Neumi BS5. The footprint on these little guys is just right for my application with just a little room to spare. And their performance belies their size. So total bonus! But there will be a point I’m sure when I’ll get the itch to upgrade.

Those look really good. I bet they really pop in White!

They do, especially with my white and black desk setup. In my opinion, the Kali’s only look good in White. They are pretty ugly otherwise.

I purchased the Kali’s about a year ago now… I have them on white Kanto stands in a equilateral triangle at 5 foot. Tweeters are exact ear height and they just frickin rock !! No sub needed and fed from the Bifrost 2 thru the Asgard 3. Extremely enjoyable and get used the most in my setup.

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Neumi are powered now.

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I’m glad you like them. I also feel I don’t need a sub for these. They produce such amazing bass on their own for 6” monitors it blows my mind. Best monitors/speakers I have owned so far.

I think after all this time I’m leaning toward the Triangle Borea BR02’s. Just not sure what to pair them with. Any DAC/AMP’s that look good? Not sure if I should get both. Thinking about a sub but not sure I need one.

My apologies, I meant to reply earlier. You are correct, Sir! I guess they still offer the standard BS5 as well. I think it is a good move to give them that upgrade. That would be a lot of sweetness added to an already nice product.

Since I got the Triangles I have re-deployed the BS5’s into my main system as rears. They are performing well there. These BR02’s, meanwhile, are just continuing to surprise me. It’s kinda hard to describe. Basking in the Sun and getting that incredible feeling - somethin like that perhaps. I haven’t enjoyed music like this in a very long time.

I always recommend a sub with bookshelves, but some people don’t need that low end. I can’t do without.


Hi Raime. As per my last post, I have the BR02’s. I am currently running them with the S.M.S.L. S-8 Stack and while it should be noted that I am no expert, I am enjoying the experience very much.

@Wesley makes a solid point. It is something I am pondering as well. So far I am good without, but you know how that goes! Time will tell.

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Good to know youre happy with the triangles. It helps others in the market for bookshelves. Not just for the forum but the entire audio community/industry.

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