What’s best for the desk?

Been fumbling about looking for a perfect near field setup I have narrowed it down to 3 or 4.

  1. Jbl 306p mkii
  2. Mackie mr624
  3. Vanatoo t1e
  4. Adam t5v

Really the first three for me look the best. They all sound good from what I can gather. Leaning towards the mackies because they seem to be the near field king. Vanatoos are the most expensive so not sure if the price jump is worth it. Adams are just ok for me. Jbls look decent and sound great. Which to choose?

What are your thoughts?

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I’ve owned the JBL’s and they sound excellent, but you do get very audible hiss with these. It’s a well known problem with this series and can be very annoying. If you can drown out that noise, I say get them because are great for everything from music to movies to games. All that said, I hear the T5V’s are even better, but I have not heard them myself outside of a Guitar Center.

I have used both the JBL305P MKII and the Adam Audio T5V on my desk setup. I like the T5V a lot more. They put up a great nearfield soundstage with exceptional clarity and detail.

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