What’s the oldest IEM in your collection?

Here’s my SE530’s purchased on the 10th of July 2010 for the princely sum of £234 :hushed:


Bought those like 6 years ago loong before knowing what IEM stands for. Served me very well before “have to try everything” era


Gonna try the 530’s out later, I’ve not used them in 3 or so years and see how they stack up against the newer stuff…IEM old skool night…

I got some apple earbuds from 2002 that came with an iPod. Those count? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep sure do buddy and how do they fair compared to your newer stuff? lol my 530’s now sound wack tbh :sweat_smile:

Probably an old pair of JVC Gummy Plus that I bought to throw in luggage as a backup pair. I bought them from a checkout display in a Fry’s Electronics, and they’re old enough to specifically say “iPod, iPhone and iPad compatible”. I still keep them around, for some reason I can’t bring myself to open them.


Antiques road show sweet section? lol


i only own 1 real pair of iem’s. the kz10. i am not really an iem guy. but the kz10’s sound a million times better lol. those old apple buds have 0 bass and sound hollow as hell


My HiFiMan RE-0’s…Had them since they were released…2010 I think…

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For starting manufacturing it would be the EX800st, or actual ownership date I consider my OH10s as I purchased them when they first came out.