What should I try next? (Planar Magnetic Headphones)

Hi all,

So far, I have tried:

Hifiman Sundara.

I thought this was a good headphone. I liked the detailed sound. Although, the reason I parted ways with it was fit and comfort. The edges were quite sharp and I do not like their comfort strap at all. It felt quite uncomfortable after a little bit of time for me.

Hifiman 400SE.

I didn’t like these headphones too much. I thought the sound was a bit too “thin” and lifeless if that makes sense. I understand that at its price, I shouldn’t complain about build quality, but yikes, felt like a toy! I feel as if I drop it on my floor, it will crack.

For those of you with extensive experience, what should I try next if I am looking for a smooth, detailed planar with a wide soundstage? My daily driver is HD6XX and I would love to dig a bit deeper into planar technology. I think somewhere around $300 for a new pair of cans would be doable for me.

Many thanks, in advance!

Edit: Currently running a JDS Element 2!

I think at that price point your only options brand new would be Fostex T50s or T60s. Lots of bass, decent mods and treble isn’t hash. Hhhhmmmm really scratching my head on a sub $300 planar that’s not a hifiman.

If you have patience maybe a used aeon RT / aeon flow

Thanks, all!

I think I might pick up the Drop/Hifiman HE-X4 to give it a go. It is quite cheap and while there aren’t many reviews, it seems like it might have a slightly different tonality from the 400SE.

Take it easy!

On the T50, treble is a little too spicy without putting a foam disk of sorts between the driver and your ear.

I have the Dekoni blue version. I didn’t realize there was that big of difference.

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Verum Audio One Mk2 (do not buy if you are politically correct and a leftist)

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Not to open that can of worms again, but any decent human would find what the guy said tasteless at the best of times.

Yeah, that’s why I’m giving that guy a heads-up

What are y’all referring to?!

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The controversial tortured genius Garuspik

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Now I am interested. Ha!

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The HE-X4’s were delivered today. Will put them through their paces for a week or so!

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Enjoy ye new cans!

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