What should my next amp be?

So I decided to buy a pair of Martin Logan 15s refurbished and now I will need a suitable amp and suggestions for that would be great!

I currently have SMSL SA-50 powering my Micca MB42Xs

see my post in the other thread, added some amp recs Looking to upgrade. What should I upgrade first?


Not sure if I want class A or AB any advice would be great on that as well

It’s the wrong question, a well designed class B amp should sound just as good as a class A amp. class A amps can’t have crossover distortion, but they fundamentally amplify the same way.
Just forget about topology and worry about how they sound.

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If anyone stumbles upon this and is wondering what I ended up with I got a Emotiva Bas-X a100 for now bc its affordable and I already blew a lot of my budget on the speakers

The Atoll se 80 is a good amp but a bit expensiv.
Otherwise the Denon pma 600 or the pma 800 ne.