What songs/music that you used to love a lot but now hated it so much due to reasons?

Yeah, I’m ashamed to admit that I use to love it in my teens. I don’t know if it was just the bands that I listened to but they had some of the cheesiest lyrics that went something like “Men of steel!” and “of power and metal!” or some variation hahahha

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I still love it but cannot for the life of me listen to Muttermaschine by Mother Engine on my old SR5s or my iems. The recording basically sucks ass, and realized some of the songs aint too great. I still listen to it on worse headphones or my speakers, but just cant stand it on my more detailed gear. Loads of my favorite “stoner rock” albums are sadly in the same state.

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most heavy metal pre 2000. i loved it when i was younger, but now it just seams so badly recorded lol. makes me wonder wtf i was thinking when i was younger.

I liked one or two of the Billie Eilish songs when she first came up as a rando on pandora a few years ago. Then she became famous and we found out who she was and she became embraced by that generation that will go nameless. I now despise both her and her fans.

Drake songs

honestly, most of the (classic) rock stuff I devoured as a teen (led zeppelin/doors/pink floyd/pearl jam etc etc)

not that they’re bad (at all!), it just that I see now how it’s that it’s as formulaic as pop, it’s just that the formulas are more complex than in pop

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