What songs/music that you used to love a lot but now hated it so much due to reasons?

Yeah I think that happens to every one, when you love a song so much but due to a reason like being repeated all the time again and again that it makes you hate that song and drives you mad. I am just curious if you ever got into that situation of liking a song and then in the end not liking it anymore.

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Man this was really hard for me since i still really like all my music. But digging deep it would be any system of a down song, i just generally stopped listening to rock years ago when i developed a taste for “soft” music. I have skipped SOA everytime it come out jn the past years but I can’t get rid of it since i feel eventually I’ll want to play it again. How bout you??

Well right now I am going back to my like grunge phase in music, and because for a long time I have not listened to a single grunge song as the years passed most of the songs I listened to are Japanese music like Susumu Hirasawa and Penpals the one who did the opening for Berserk 1997. So yeah things like those happens, once you are like tired of a particular style of music and then you discovered like a new one for you that has yet to to be fallen in your ears to listen.

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I used to love but now hate an entire genre: power metal. Was fun when I was younger but now I feel nothing.


I can see why, especially the so called “cool looks” back then. Too much hairspray and I am overall not a fan of their music overall and style. Though a few songs in that genre I came to like but not all of them.

Right that makes sense, but its not like you straight up disliked grunge when you found a new taste for japanese music right? Because for me i straight up disliked rock after finding soft music but most specifically I disliked system of a down

What do you listen to now? And im on the same boat with rock

i once was staying in a hotel in california. every day they would play hotel california in the lobby. i must have heard hotel california in that hotel in california over a dozen times every day. sometimes in other hotels in california, they may or may not play hotel california, but they are still, nonetheless, hotels in california. so i would probably say that because of that hotel in california, my answer would be hotel california.


A recent example for me is a rap song by Roddy Richh. It was catchy and I like it still, but on my nicer headphones you realize how crappy the recording is. It sounds horrible, I can’t listen to it on most of my headphones on an amp.

Damn thats tough, makes sense tho

Speaking of songs that I used to have tolerance and just no more tolerance for it anymore are the Mariah Carey Christmas songs. Like WHY is it always being played over and over and over again every damn time duting Christmas?! Like ffs try to play a different set of Xmas songs besides her, I am sure there are some artists who did songs for the holidays other than her like jeez.

Post rock/metal, prog metal/rock/death, synthwave, a lot of jazz, still loves the heavier stuff like death & black especially the more progressive ones.

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Haha this is a surprise, i guess i just assumed that similar genres were something that you wouldn’t listen to anymore.

I have the same feeling towards rap in general. It used to be my most listened to genre and now im burnt out of it for some reason. Some hip hop I still very much enjoy but in general I can’t listen to it without getting a headache.

I use to really like the song ‘Fade to Gray’ by Visage. I set it as my alarm more than ten years ago, and it’s going to stay that way, because I can’t wait to get up and turn it off!

Most of the so called “rap” songs nowadays basically just use the same rhythm, same flow and same way of rapping like is that even rap or what? Damn mumble rappers or whatever the hell they called always doing the same crap like the Lils in their name. I am tired of it as well overall, this is why the only group that is close to that level that I can appreciate and listen is the group Death Grips, at least they are unique, unlike those try hard wannabes.

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I share your passion for rap. When people ask me if i listen to rap i generally say no because if that. But there is so some legit stuff check this group out, most of this album is good. Great lyrics and beat. Personally i recommends number 6: fall through atlantis


Thanks for the recommendations but I will give this one a shot because I am mostly on the rock, alternative or metal side of music but listening to other genres are not so bad from time to time.

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AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses. Used to love them when I was growing up but now I can’t stand them. And it’s not just because of the genre, I just hate it now when a singer tries to “sound like” the genre. How about you try singing instead.

On the flipside, I used to hate pretty much everything electronic, but I realize more and more the level of skill and artistry that goes into it

Yeah some bands evolved their sounds and not all can be a fan of it. While some bands remain to their roots and never change their style, some might like it or some may not. Overall though, you need to evolve your sounds as a musician because going for the same sound setup that you are usually known for can lose its overall appeal and magic that it used to have back then. An example of that would be Coldplay, I love their first 3 albums due to it being more focused on alternative rock with some Britpop roots, but once their newer stuff came out, yeah I am not a fan of their new songs, for it is like too similar to the so called “mainstream music” nowadays.