What speakers to connect both to TV and vynile turnable (don't have an amplifier)

I would like to connect both TV and a turnable sony with speakers but I don’t have a amplifier and have a low budget; what would be best cost/quality of sounds balance for this double purpose (stereo, TV and music from turnable) speakers?

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Welcome to HifiGuides! If you are not apposed to the idea of self powered speakers there are several options out there at the moment that have both digital (Optical and/or HDMI) and line in (RCA) connections. Some of these sport a remote while others don’t so just be sure to read specifications and what is included in the box. One example on the lower end is https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1718793-REG/klipsch_1070450_kd_400_powered_bookshelf_speakers.html . This is not full range as it does not go down to 20hz, but it has a sub out if you would like to add one down the line. One question would be, does your turntable have a built in phono preamp or do you need an external solution to connect it. Some self powered speakers do have a built in phono preamp, but this Klipsch model is not one of them. Also, does your TV have optical out? This will be needed in the event that the powered speaker you select does not have HDMI ARC/eARC or if your TV does not have that feature. I am not advising you pick this model in particular, but it was a good example of an option that does not involve buying an amp as well. Keep in mind that my 2 channel speaker experience is limited, but I do use Active/self powered monitors for my living room TV (a pair of Mackie MR624 speakers connected to a Topping D50s DAC). I also have a pair of Klipsch RP 600m speakers powered by either a Yamaha a-s 801 or SMSL a300. So take what I am saying with a heavy grain of salt.

Another example of an Active/Self powered speakers for your setup would be The Fives Amazon.com , but that is a larger investment and you get into the price territory of a basic speaker amp + passive speaker setup. Sorry if this created more questions than answers, but hopefully this gives you some ideas. Good luck with your search.

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Thank you so much for your insights! I actually have a Sony PS-LX300USB turnable and have no clue if it requires more devices before connecting to the active speakers … my TV is a Samsung UE49MU7000. I will look at your referenced Klipsch KD400 and I also heard about the R51MP but I think a different budget between the KD400 and the Fives, not sure if it is worth (I mean the 51 if the 400 make similar job).

hmmm, I can’t find the KD400 available in Switzerland …

Might be a US model only and its normal price is near 330.
Probably you need look the other active models that are available with same inputs.

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I found Klipsch R51MP and Q acoustics MD20HD, what do you think considering the pusposes above mentioned? do you see any cheaper solution with good sound quality and connectivity?

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Both would work considering that your tv has optical output, and your turntable has a built-in phono preamp. The Q acoustics model is newer than the Klipsch so it is possible that they are using a newer DAC as well as other components, but no guarantee that they are. Both have sub out so you can turn either into a 2.1 system later on. Personally I would lean towards the Q acoustics, but it is a matter of preference either way. I would look up reviews on both to see what others think about them. The size and shape of your room is also something you should consider before making your decision.

5 other options and few are more in the Budget zone.

And more

PS did not check if all of them have Optical as well!

I would advise IF possible always test listen speakers and then you know what type of sound signature or properties you like the most. Then its really easy.
If you have “local / or country based” stores that would have few options, i would take a visit. :slight_smile: Hopefully few stores in same city so it would be nice day trip of testing.