What speakers to pair with a NAD D 3020 Hybrid Digital amp?

due to loving friends, I was able to secure $200 CAD to grab this amp as at that price, it’s almost a crime.

it’s the og v1, not the current v2. here is a screen grab of the amps specs.

What’s your preferred tuning in headphones and what’s your listening volume level on speakers? also how close are you planning on being from the speakers. oh also budget

I like lots of different tuning’s, with a like of the HFM house sound, the etymotic neutral / flat ER series and w frequency response, like the Stellia, which are the best headphones I’ve heard to date…though if I had a chance for side by side, the HE-1000 og was spectacular as well. I also have the Stax 207’s with a 252s energizer.

I listen primarily to orchestral / instrumental, particularly the strings, but do listen to most things but for rap and the aggressive heavy metal stuff; oh, and no country, none at all.

it will be at low to mid volumes as most use will be in the evenings and the baby’s room is above mine.

idea placement would be on the wall across from my bed, which would be centered between them, but speakers that are forgiving or placement would be ideal.

I have been eying the Elac DOW42…someone has the Jamo Graphic OW for a good price, but have not responded to my inquiry on them…I’ll try again.

price…$600 CAD max.

bookshelf or tower?

bookshelf. definitely no room for towers, unless they’re shallow and wall mountable :wink:

i really like my martin logan motion 4i with strings. 500$/pair us, but go on sale for cheaper all the time. gluck on your search, hope ya find a pair that makes you happy. good deal on that nad amp. when i got my sprout100 i was debating between it and the nad 3020v2.

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are you going to have to have them up against a wall? like would front ported be better for your setup?

front / side or bottom ported, yes.

the 4i are $400 CAD each… so even on sale, blech.

US gets crazy sales on Klipsch, JBL and Jamo us Canucks dream off.

You might be able to find a pair of Elac UBR62s in nice shape for cheap and they’re a pretty damn good bookshelf with crazy good imaging and soundstaging for their size. Could go cheap and get a pair of Jamo S803s, they’re kinda U-shaped with a little bit boosted bass and treble but overall pretty nice for the price. Klipsch RB-81ii’s were really nice and smooth but still with plenty of detail and some fairly punchy bass (nice big 8 inch woofer with that nice solid Klipsch woofer cone).