What stand alone amps work best with IEM's

Just out of interest, it would need to be good with low impedance sets as well as more demanding ones…budget < $1000 to be paired with say a Bifrost 2?..kinda looking on the detail side as opposed warm :beers:

Bump…anyone who has a Mid tier iem Dac and Amp comb that they rec?

How about something like a Cayin IHA-6? Balanced out has an output impedance of only 0.3 Ohms, so it shouldn’t introduce noise for sensitive IEMs, but also has enough power to drive more demanding over ears as well. Unbalanced, though, the output impedance jumps up.

For a combo, perhaps something from the Questyle line? CMA400i or CMA600i? Dedicated 2.5mm balanced out for IEMs. I don’t have any super sensitive IEMs to test with, or I’d test the CMA400i.

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I like the corda jazz ff for iems strangely enough lol