What switches to get (mechanical keyboard)

I decided to get a mechanical keyborad since working on my laptop keyboard leads to mouse pad clicking some where else unintentionally. I have a fairly good typing speed 30-35 wpm, but this slows down considerably when using a bad keyboard like one that doesn’t register and have to push it deep in. I’m ok with key sound it’s kind cool makes me feel I’m like those techies that can type real fast.

So far I’ve had my eyes on Cherry MX red then blue and now brown. I’ve tried some chinese switches from Bloody hands(havit gaming series) which bothered me since the sound and feel aren’t right.

So I need insight fellow enthusiast into my search for that one keyboard. I’m asking here since I prefer word of mouth advice than some reviewer who gets paid like PC mag

I only have personal experience with cherry and I tend to prefer brown because it doesn’t disturb people nearby since it has no click, but I can definitely feel the feedback which is really nice. I think they are a good in between to start with mechanical.

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It depends on your typing style. If you prefer light tapping then linear switches like the MX Red or Speed would probably be better since there’s no feedback getting in the way. If you like knowing you’ve hit the key than the Brown if you don’t want it clacking away but want a bump when it’s activated, or the Blue if you want to hear it click.
Personally I like the bump of the MX Brown since I hate the clicky sound, and I’d be afraid of missing keystrokes all the time with linear switches. I’m not the lightest typer in the world, but with the bump of the Browns I don’t need to bottom out the key either.

This is something I highly, highly suggest for you to go to a store to try them out. Like audio, switches are also subjective and it all depends what you want to do with them. I used to have a board for typing and one for gaming. All-in-all, I ended up liking Topres the most and Browns as a second.
I’ve also had Reds and Speeds for gaming at a point.

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That’s a good point, you can actually buy tester boards that have a line of keys with one of each switch. Just look up ‘Cherry MX test’ on Amazon.

I like clears a decent amount, but I ended up really liking some zealios v2 67g. I thought 55g topre was alright, but I really liked my friends hhkb pro 2 with silenced keys and bke redux domes. Also got to try some halo true’s and those were fairly nice as well

I am kinda biased against cherry switches, I just don’t get all the hype that surrounds them. The Chinese clone switches in my opinion get you most of the way there except for the sound as cherries usually sound deeper but are more scratchy. I personally like buckling springs and alps switches but they are pretty loud. I do own a gateron optical red switch though and they are really smooth

Ah yeah I do enjoy my unicomp a decent amount but I think the build is meh compared to the actual ibm. Also do they still make modern keyboards with alps?

I tried some chinese switches, personally I disliked the feel felt too soft and I feel as if I haven’t pressed the button.

Same story with the Romer Gs. Squish city.


Kinda scratchy and not that pleasant to me. But the key wobble is very minimal

:slightly_smiling_face: Don’t worry I plan to go to a store to try them I just want some PoV from others when they bought or used said switches.
Keyboard feel is subjective, some like it others don’t it’s a matter of personal preference but I wanted to see if I’m missing or don’t know of one said switches

The matias switches are still being made and datacomp have their own versions of switches, I remember seeing a recent remanufactured alps clone pop up but those have a reputation of binding

Interesting, I guess I haven’t looked around that much (not that knowledgeable tbh, just know stuff I’ve tried so far)

Just proving that OP needs to test the switches :wink:

I feel like most of the modern switches feel about the same though as many of them are just cherry style, its just that they might be a little smoother than others or the bump in tactility is larger.

Or the bump is in a different spot, as I kinda like how my zeal switches are at the top of the keypress and there’s not really any travel beforehand

That I do, now I need a switch pack with various switches so I can test and decide for those not in the store.

only you have the right to determine what switches your into. . Im a fan of clicky cherry blue but the only switch I like form cherry are the blues and well I like reds only if they are lubed otherwise its too scratchy and browns are brown cause they feel like shit to me… the best route to gio just like with audio with stuff like this is to try before you commit. so witch testers and such are always advised.

Just switched from Razer greens to gateron brown. So far I’m liking the browns alot.