What to get after Origen G2

Hello everybody! Happy newbie user here I’ve been rocking a Micca Origen G2 for about year and half now, after seeing zeos “starter” recommendation, can’t complain much about it but I think It’s time to go to the next step.
I’m using the hated and loved 6xx headphones. Budget is 200-250$.
I was looking at the iFi zen (dac+amp) but would this be a noticeable replacement?
What if I keep the Origen as Dac and run it through an iFi zen CAN and upgrade the 6xx to balanced cables?
What would you do guys?

if possible try and find a zen can signature. that would probably sound best for the 6xx out of all the zen’s

So it’s ok to keep the G2 as Dac for now?

You talking about getting the Zen Can Signature that’s designed for the 6xx? Otherwise, for $200, you could go for the Schiit Asgard and I’d say be pretty happy. G2 should be fine for a DAC until you can save a little more for something else.

Actually I was thinking about the Zen Can “normal” edition, I saw in several videos that difference is not significant to justify the price difference between the normal and signature edition. Checking on the asgard now