What to get to replace my 560S ... help me please!

Thanks to everyone who responded. I ordered the Grados and the Sundaras today. At least the Grados will arrive tomorrow already. I‘ll keep this post updated, maybe i can help someone reading this in the future that is in a similar situation.

So yet I’ve listened to both for a few hours each. I think they both are very good. The best I’ve heard so far from those mentioned in my post. The Sundaras are similar to the HD560S, but way better for listening, the bass is a bit less extended, but Mids are more balanced and Highs are really sweet. The Sundaras are also imo more detailed than the Senns. The hemps are to me like a great upgrade of the 650s, mids are close like 650s, but not as much in the foreground. The highs are more present, stone me for saying this but the Hemps are imo more detailed and clearly more enjoyable. I really think they are a great secondary headphone for pure audiophile enjoyment. The Grado and the Sundara are so complementary. Looks like I’ll keep em both. But I am still waiting for the recommended ear pads for the Hemps to arrive. Really excited to find out wether they increase the sound and comfort as much as DMS praised them to do.

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Thanks again, the Hemps are a great recommendation as a fun headphone. Great, warm sound! Do you have experience with those ear pads that are recommended by Zeos and DMS?

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I’m glad you like the Hemps!

The Geekria G-cush pads (I believe the Ever ones are the same) are pretty good, but not my favorite. They provide a decent over-ear fit for those that can’t stand on-ears, but they are not perfect for comfort. Sound wise they are pretty good. They add a bit of treble around 4k-6k and still have good bass, but I find they lose the lush upper-bass/lower-mid that make the Hemps special to me.

I prefer the stock pads since they don’t make my ears itchy or anything like that and they sound the best Imo, but if you MUST change pads, I recommend these. They are softer and thicker than the stock pads and are not at all itchy. They are still on ear but they are more comfortable than stock overall. Sound wise they add the same treble as the Geekria G-cush pads butt they don’t lose as much of the lushness and even add a bit of bass. They still sound different than stock, but these are the best alternative with more comfort imo.

Also a tip for how to wear the Hemps (or any Grado). Make shure they are kind of forward on your ears. You want the driver pointing directly into your ear hole. If your ear is touching the mesh on the driver you’re wearing them wrong. Also don’t be afraid to manipulate the headband to get the shape and clamp you want. It’s literally just a strip of spring steel so it will be fine.

I just re-read the previous posts and noticed some talk of amps. While it’s a bit hard to get in Europe, the Asgard 3 pairs so we’ll with the Hemps and I’ve heard it so goes great with the sundara. The K5 pro is probably fine though since the Hemps are not too picky.

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Unfortunately the Schiit Europe store is completely sold out. I don‘t know whether they are not continueing it, or whether it‘s the pandemic, but it seems like there is no fricking way to get Schiit in Europe… really disappointing to me, since Headphone amps seem to be not a thing here, there are only Chinese products like FiiO, or expensive German ones. I really don‘t know what to get if i want to buy a hybrid or Tube amp. It‘s funny that you mentioned it by the way, the FiiO was not working yesterday for like 1 hour. Then when i tried it a last time, it worked all of the sudden. That‘s why i was looking for other equipment recently.
Thanks for your comment again, i might be ordering your earpads too

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There are a handful of good European amp and dac manufacturers, but they tend to be mid to high end pricing and only rarely budget friendly.

It really is a shame Schiit can’t get their shit together in Europe.

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Yeah, i just read that Schiit is currently doing like a huge expansion in California, aiming for a factory where they can build their cheaper high demand devices like Magni etc.
In the EU shop they rarely get products currently because of both the expansion and the pandemic. I signed up for the waiting list on the Asgard models. By the way Topping is available here, do you maybe know something about their products? Like the DX3 Pro?

I don’t know too much about topping other than they make good stuff, but they have also had problems like the L30 (I think it was this model) blowing up headphones and some drama about The CEO or something acting like prick.

There are other members hear that could help you better than me. If your K5 pro dies on you, make a post and you’ll probably get the answers you need pretty quick.


Jokes aside, whenever I see Hemp I see you lol! I’ll soon join the cult

Would you be willing to have it directly imported from the US? The cost will roughly be the same as buying from EU distributor. JDS also has local distributor and it’s quite popular in Germany. You an also find Monoprice Liquid Spark from their EU store from time to time.

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Which shop in Germany sells JDS?

The Hemps are probably my favorite headphone for about 40% of my music.

While I love my X00s to the moon and back, they didn’t grab me as quickly and visceraly as the Hemps did. There is just something special about the Hemps and I will shill them any chance I can.

I think Grado just has a special sound, I’m certainly hooked :laughing:

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I’m not sure I know they have UK distributor, try Amazon UK or Google.