What to get to replace my 560S ... help me please!

Hey guys, since 2 months I basically spend 80% of my free time to find the best headphone for me.
Since I got me a pair of Anker Soundcore Q30, and EQed them how Oluv advised me, the 560S sound bad to me, but still the Soundcores are missing details and bass Extension, such as I kind some certain brilliance, just like my Canton speakers offer me, so I want to get rid of them.
Currently using a FiiO K5 Pro as Amp/DAC.
I already bought the HD650 (returned), and tried the HD660S, DT1990, and Neumanns, and to be honest I really don’t like any of them. The DT1990s were too sharp, the HD660S to boring, just as the Neumanns, I dislike the 560S for their mids because they sound a bit to thin to me. I really feel like I need some advise from you guys, I don’t really know what to get to finally not be bothered. I would even consider getting HD800S if they are worth the Upgrade (student discount, 1200€) Also considering the Amiron Home, Anandas, Sundaras (if highs don’t get too harsh)

What do you guys think? I am really thankful for any helpful advice!

Maybe try the Grado Hemps. They are way more exciting than the sennheisers and very full land lush mids.

Fair warning, build quality and comfort may be concernes. Thankfully the build can be completely fix with some Shipibo parts, which also help with some comfort issues as well.

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You should try the DT880s, they are a little warm with a few treble peaks that you can EQ away, and mids sound fantastic. I owned the HD560s and I agree that the mids are thin. I have them eqed to 5980hz -6.7db 5q peak, 9000hz -5db 3q peak.

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Thanks for your comment!
I‘ve once read about them, they seem to be a very serious consideration for me! Steve Guttenberg also seems to like them

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Thanks, but i forgot to mention that i tried them already. I forgot to mention as well that i‘d like to rather not have to play around with EQ that much. The 880s have my respect but are not endgame enough soundwise to me. Can’t describe what i am missing with them, maybe they are just a bit too flat. Still great headphones!

Nighthawk Carbon’s. they have really good bass and being semi-open, still give that wide airy feeling. :smiley:

they’re only available used now and should be around $250 - $300 USD.


Nighthawk gang at it again :joy::100::sweat_drops::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::sunglasses:

Nighthawk is not that easy to get in Europe unfortunately

Two words…

Hifiman Sundara


Sounds like sundaras would be your best bet, they’re basically hd560s with better mids (soundstage and extension), they are bright but less sibilant and trebley than the senns, they only really get sibilant on bad vocal recordings with the “s” sounds.

If you wanted something bassy ignore this suggestion. the bass extension is superior (down to 20hz) and very microdetailed but tame.


Thanks! That really helped me, sounds like i should get a pair and test them!
One thing i have been wondering about is whether the Anandas are worth the upgrade, in Germany i could get them from Hifiman for 730$, does anyone know whether they are 380$ better?

Im on a minority that prefers sundaras over anandas, only testing would you know, but for most people anandas are a safe upgrade bet


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I had the HD600’s/650’s and the Sundara’s are nothing like them. Not even close, at least not to my ears. The Sundara’s are much better, more natural, cleaner, “real” sounding headphones.

Also, the Sundara’s are anything BUT bright or sibilant. They have the cleanest, smoothest treble I have heard in a pair of headphones to date. Neither are they lacking in bass. Their bass is deep, punchy, detailed and agile.

Put some decent equipment in front of them and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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Well, the 560S is quite different from the 600/650. Its less mids, mostly less mids in the lower mids region, more extended bass and more pronounced highs i‘d say. But of course i can‘t tell how the Sundaras compare, but based of what you guys say, i‘ll get a pair of them definitely.
I am really curious tho whether something like 800S are worth their money. And also what kind of DAC/Amp would you recommend? Currently have the K5 Pro, which i found alright yet.

I keep forgetting that I had a pair of HD580’s for a short period of time. My audiophile friend at the time sold them to me really cheap just to get me into headphones. I never cared for them and sold them about a month later after I bought my HD600’s new.

The K5 Pro should be fine. I’m haven’t read any reviews on it but it does have decent power, which the Sundara’s will appreciate.

My rig, I have a Topping A90 and SMSL M400 DAC, running balanced from the DAC to the headphones.

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Also, IF… You feel like doing an upgrade on amp/DAC, you might want to look into the new Topping A30 Pro and D30 Pro that Z just reviewed. He gave that stack really high praise.


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Before getting into higher end like hd800s please its recommended you find you ideal sound signature in the mid-fi range befor going higher, altough it seems that youre close, next step is trying out planars.


Damn they are expensive… thanks for your recommendations! I think i‘ll keep the K5 until i have my endgame headphone someday. I‘ll consider them when the time has come. But do you hands down hear such a difference in such expensive gear? I mean you could have gotten the arya for the money, and just save up for that stuff later, right?

I was thinking of going with the Gold Planar GL2000’s from the get-go, and easily could have, coming from MrSpeakers original Mad Dog’s, but I wanted to not jump into the deep end just yet. Hence why I got the Sundara’s instead.

The Sundara’s scale up great with gear in front of them, so that’s why I put the big bucks in an amp and DAC first. Without spending $2k or more, I’ve got about the best you can get right now for under $1k on both an amp and a DAC.

Know your priorities and limits, and how far you’re willing to go, then go from there.

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If anything, you could just get the A30 Pro and use your K5 as just a DAC. That A30 Pro has tons of power, almost as much as my A90, and it’s also nearly dead silent as the A90. Though that last part you don’t have to really worry about unless you have super efficient IEM’s.

The A30 Pro and Sundara’s would probably get you where you want to be for $700 for the pair.

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