What type of memory foam do manufacturers use for earpads/headbands?

so I had the idea of making my own dekoni audio nuggets, since they’re kinda expensive and thought it would be fun to make my own. the thing is I can’t for the life of me find out what foam to use. everything I search for just comes up with mattresses and cushion stuff, and I’ll need something much less firm and denser than those. what do manufacturers use for their memory foam earpads/headbands? for reference I’m in the UK.

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I’m pretty sure it’s trial and error. Their R&D team probably tried several thicknesses and several different materials until they found “The One”.

I’ve never opened up a set of ear-pads or nuggets, but if someone had a “broken” pair, maybe they can send you a pic.

Here in Serbia it’s not too hard to find memory foam. I’m guessing you need to find a factory that provides raw materials and has memory foam… but those usually only do wholesale.

Making ear-pads or nuggets in your case, is not all that difficult. All you need is a sewing machine that is capable of sewing through leather. I have a friend of mine who sewed his own ear-pads with an average sewing machine (not the special type that is used for leather)

I had tried foam tips but alas they don’t last that long for me, so I pretty much instead settled with Silicon tips that are softer than the usual ones that I wear aka the stock tips from each IEMs I bought. SpinFits are the one that I am mostly using right now and so far to me, they are comfortable, just the right fit and the isolation is top notch.

The previous foam tips I have used were Comply, those were good when they were new but as time goes by, they begin to break down basically not lasting any longer anymore for an another use during those times.

Given all of that, I want to know as well for I think they should make foam tips that are much durable than the ones I have tried, or am I missing something aka not looking hard enough for foam tips that caters to my needs?

I think you misunderstood the OP.

The question is regarding Dekoni Audio Nuggets, which are these little pads that are used on headphones. What you are referring to is IEM ear-tips.

The OP wants to do a DIY Nuggets and make them by hand.

I mean I know what kind of memory foam I want, my Shure 1540 pads have amazing foam, it’s just finding out where to buy them is the problem haha. there doesn’t seem to be a site or anything that sells foam for these sorts of things. but in other news I found an old Razer mouse pad and it has a weird handrest with memory foam. it’s quite firm but still really supportive so I’ll see what I can do with it.

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Yeah I did, my bad.

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I don’t recall :upside_down_face:

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Yeah, usually you will have to buy a large piece of memory foam, I doubt you will be able to find somebody selling memory foam in a smaller size… it just doesn’t sound profitable enough (or there simply isn’t a big demand for it).

Also, be careful with the handrest, make sure it is not gel!

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ah dw it’s definitely foam, just really dense.

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You can likely get a bunch of sample pieces of various densities and expansion speeds from manufacturers. Just have to find one willing to deal with private people (most are B2B only).

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I highly doubt the OP is willing to put that amount of energy in acquiring memory foam. Also, you would have to have some sort of experience in professional communication, otherwise the manufacturer will see what you are trying to do.

Any manufacturer is willing to give sample to people with whom they see a potential cooperation, people who will bring them money. If the manufacturer senses that you will not benefit them, they will just discard you.

ok update, I decided to just buy the damn nuggets :rofl: I’d be spending too much money ordering different types of foams and all that, and can’t really test beforehand since it’s still lockdown where I’m at. on another note though, I sent Brainwavs a product recommendation on Instagram for an audio nuggets alternative and they said they’d pass it on, so we’ll see if that ever comes to fruition :))

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yeah, I just finished a couple of earpads for my electrostatic headphone project.
Since the whole production of earpads is in leatherette or synthetic, sometimes it can be helpful to replace with better quality and longer duration. I bought this old sewing machine last year, it works perfectly!
The size is good enough to keep inside an ear, that thing allows to have good protection and wear glasses without problem since there is no pressure on the top of the ear.
The padding is in Resin-foam and it blocks the sound - noise. I added velcro as a retaining system.