What type of music do you like and what IEMs do you prefer listening to it through?

Personally, I love multiple genres (mostly bgm stuff like lofi), i end up gravitating towards a little brightness in general.
I use tripowin lea and quarks (I’m quite a noob, and also on a tight budget)
Would love to know what you guys like and use!

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Im also a variety listener, ive tried a few sets but the Legacy 3 has so far stayed my daily driver (with the FIIO TWS 3), its a great all rounder in my book and its not too pricey so loosing isnt the end of the world


ohhhh, they look really aesthetic!

They sound better than they look (which is saying quite a bit :slight_smile: )

oooooo, will try em out some day

I’m into quite a lot of different genres, especially for my podcast but I mainly listen to hip hop & electronic music, I also listen to a bit of Korean/Japanese music (anything by Daiki Tsuneta is my current love).

Mainly my go to IEMs are the Jomo Trinity Brass although I can’t have them in for a long time as I’ve not quite got the comfort right so I reach for my custom Jomo Hakas a lot as a second set.


Techno and hip-hop → 7Hz Timeless
Baroque, vocals, acoustic, world music, jazz and hip-hop → Tin P1 Plus


I too like many genres of music, but listen mostly to late/modern classical, stick yer head inside a cello or piano. And I listen with Eartech Music Quads and Hexes custom iems. Also got the Shuoer EJ07m KL.
God Bless.


I am a beautiful mess when it comes to music genres.
My Playlist is as diverse as nature is and it’s not seldom that a well mastered and soulful vocal song is followed by “Christraping Black Metal” a la Marduk or Porn Grind a la Lividity :crazy_face: followed by techno, psytrance, hip hop, reggae, bluegrass aaaaand so on and on and on and on…
For me it’s all about contrast.
Thus I usually look for allrounders and don’t like owning genre specific gear but still I like owning allrounders with different approaches to represent the music

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I am some decades long an obsessive acoustic music (jazz) lover. Actually some of my favorite earphones are Penon Fan2, Volt, TSMR Land and the surprising Geek Wold GK100.