What would you say are the warmest DAC /Amp combo units?

single ended and / or balanced and enuff power to drive very high impedance headphones?

What kind of high impedance are you talking about? I have Sennheiser HD650s and an IFI Zen DAC. The IFI Burr Brown DAC is a nice warm blanket with power match on the Zen DAC enabled. Those are 300ohm headphones and it drives them very well. I rarely go past noon on the volume pot. The Zen DAC has balanced 4.4mm Pentaconn and unbalanced 1/4in jacks.

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The warmest I’ve heard are the IFI Burr Brown stuff.
What are you trying to drive?


for combo units? I would throw in the Schiit Hel on that one. Really powerful warm sounding though it’s for “gaming” still really good lol

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HD600’s are likely the highest…but perhaps the DT880 or 990 600 ohm.

I totally forgot about the iFi Micro.

does Aune have anything? swappable op amps on a combo would be very cool.

The Hel is warm? Haven’t heard it, but just thought it followed suit of the Heresy on the analytical side.

Is this the warmest in a specific price range, or just overall?

I heard the Donald DAC and the Liquid Spark are pretty warm combo. if you want higher end, the RNHP and Bifrost DAC

It’ll drive the 600s no problem. I don’t know about the DT880s. That might be pushing it. I don’t think you’ll use the full potential if you go with a Zen DAC. It would need a better amp I would assume.

I can drive my 660s’s to an OK level on the Micro’s eco setting but normal will give you some extra :muscle: and no real need for the turbo setting tbh.

Ifi Zen dack + bottlehead crack. Done :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: no solid state amp can hold a candle to a proper tube amp for warmth.


asgard 3 with the internal multibit card is pretty warm and powerful

you want a combo correct? not separates?

yes, a combo.

any really good tube hybrid combo units out there?

iFi Pro iDSD would give you pretty much all you’ll ever need in one box, other wise it’s separates i guess :man_shrugging:

There’s also the xduoo ta-30

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yeh…well outta my budget unfortunately. :frowning:

true…but just because something exists doesn’t mean it’s worthy.

is it not good? my bad, I don’t know much about the amp… that said I think tube hybrid combos are pretty rare so I was just throwing out an option :sweat_smile:

I haven’t heard good or bad things about it…but I would hope I’d only get suggestions that people know are good. :wink:

ah yes I completely understand… I normally put ‘I haven’t heard it but…’ infront of a suggestion I haven’t heard so that’s my bad… thanks for keeping me in check lol

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