What's a good dac for liquid spark amp?

currently i have my asrock b365M-HDV motherboard’s dac powering my LS amp.
and on high Volume in games/music my headphones BD Tygr300r and sennheiser hd560s both produce electric like sound in the low end only, so when a gernade blows up near me the electric sound becomes unbearable. and i highly believe that my MB dac is causing it. so i could get a:
1-Topping D10 Dac. (Expensive)
2-MassdropXGrace Design Sdac. (Cheap)
not an audiophille BTW.

mmm… how about the Liquid Spark DAC?

unavailable or too expensive due to shipping. these 2 are the only ones.
is option 2 good enough? or does it even work with LS.

I use this with the liquid spark. Running IEMs like the Penon Serial, EA500, and I’ve tried it out on power hungry sets like the Tin P1 and E5000, all has been well, and in the case of IEMs (you wouldn’t have to worry with your HP) no background noise.

Keeps the Serials clean, loud, and organic.

EDIT: I have very basic needs, and I suspect you might mean the same when you say you’re “not an audiophile”. They should work just fine as a combo.

ahhh. what about on the used market? or freight forwarded?

I used a D10 a few years back with my Spark and it was a nice combo. And the D10 was pretty cheap.

smsl su1? in the middle between sdac and d10s

Between those 2 I would go for the d10 personally. It’s also what I used ith my liquid spark for years.

thanks for the suggestion, ended up ordering it.
cheap and available.

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the topping d10s just in my opinion not worth ordering from where i live.
i would have to pay 2x its price cause of shipping.
But for anyone in the same boat as I , when the dac arrives i will post my experience with it.

Honestly there are still other cheap dacs I would take over the sdac. The sdac is old and really these days isn’t even worth considering you can even buy a $30 dongle that I promise you will sound better than an sdac.