What's a good DAC for the Liquid Spark?

Looking at a DAC/amp combo for the office and I started thinking, “well you know I am a little over stocked on amps right now”. So, if I took a small amp like the Liquid Spark what would be a good DAC to pair with it? Topping D10? Something else?

I am looking to run Vanatoo T Zeroes or a set of headphones out of my computer.

Well they are coming out with a liquid spark dac that looks very similar to it


Otherwise I think the topping d10 and smsl m100 are great choices for the price

I’m assuming you would run the RCA’s to the liquid spark amp to the dac, and then RCA’s from your speakers to the liquid sparks passthrough? That will work, but you would have no volume control on the speakers unless you use the remote for the t0

I might end up waiting for the Spark DAC, but I was curious. Monoprice is releasing a lot of new products at the same time and I wondering if maybe something else might be better for now. Especially if there is a good sale tomorrow.

Yeah, I mean I think there are already sales going on for the d10 and m100, so you could look into those.

I was thinking USB from Computer to DAC. RCA to Spark in and then RCA out to Vanatoo’s via pass through. Will this not work?

This will work, but you will not be able to control the volume with the liquid spark, just to clarify (if it needed clarification anyway lol)

So, is that the headphones and speakers or just the headphones?
I currently keep my speakers at one set volume, but vary the volume through Windows using my mouse. My music all runs through iTunes.

Ok then, you would have no issue then. All I was trying to say is that the spark has a pass through and not a pre out, so you would be just fine. You could still control the volume of your headphones with the liquid spark

Thanks for the info! Would I be better off using the Vali 2 as the amp?

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If you used the vali 2 as the preamp, you could control the volume of the speakers and also get some tube sound in your speakers as it runs the pre out through the tubes

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Last question for you. :slight_smile: Not sure if you will know the answer.

If I use the Vali 2, will the speakers automatically cut out when the headphones are plugged in and come back on when the headphone is yanked out? The K5 Pro will not do this and feeds both options simultaneously. I like the idea of the jack acting a cut off speaker switch to keep it simple for my wife.


Yes, I believe it should work that way since when you disconnect the headphones the volume control should control the level of the input to the speakers

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Hey guys, quick correction, the liquid spark is NOT a passive pass thru, it is active volume control when being used to pass signal along the path. It has to be turned on for the signal to go thru and the volume knob will be active and give you control for your active speakers if you set the volume knob on them.

Wait really? O shit what am I on lol

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Good to know! I ordered a DAC an hour ago and am thinking about using another amp, if it will fit.:grin:

I was so certain it was a passthrough, dang what am I getting it confused with lol

A lot of amps are just marked P and you have to figure out if that is pass through or pre-out.

I only spoke up because i use one as a pre-out and overall volume control on my desk. I actually like it ver much and it does an admirable job.


Well thanks for that lol, I won’t have gone out thinking it was a passthrough

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