What's an Upgrade from the Sennheiser hd58x Jubilee?

I just got the Sennheiser hd58x Jubilee, and it’s the sound signature i have been looking for, the treble can be a bit better, other than that i really like the headphones. So i want to know what’s the logical upgrade from this? With similar sound signature.

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Not that I am super knowledgeable but. I have the 58X and always wanted close but more just as you. Finally bought a Sennheiser 650 off Ebay and I am sitting here listening to an album on my Feliks Tube amp. This can is just awesome on here for sure. If you can borrow one from somebody I say try it. Maybe that is the one?

Some might say the Sennheiser 660s in fine brushstrokes would be the immediate upgrade, both at 150Ω. Others might suggest the other 300Ω Sennheiser 6__ series models (600, 6xx, 650). I think asking what your source is will prove helpful.

I think headphones that offer a mid-forward signature with an up-front presentation with compact soundstaging yet rather ‘open’ sensation would be: Hifiman Sundara and Focal Clear OG. These I think are upgrades at different prices that provide somethings both familiar and different enough to warrant. Both improve on treble resolution and sparkle from the Sennheisers.

As a frequent sidegrader and collector who owns 58x, 6xx, 600 - I say this.

Probably depends what elements here you’d like to upgrade, genres listening to, and as stated before, source. Answers on their will improve your answers.

I listen mainly Pop and Anime music, sometimes EDM music. My source is Schiit Asgard 3, Lyr3, and Bifrost 3

the jealousy stack!

he’s just mussing the Lokius. :wink:


The other obvi upgrade item I forgot is ZMF Auteur.
You have plenty of power SE that leans in a full, rich sound .
What are your other experiences with headphones that struck you less than with the 58x?

I am just big vocals, detail and a bass head, but I don’t want the treble and bass to bleed into the mids, which is vocals, I don’t want the vocals to sound muffled, which I experienced with a lot of headphones and 58x doesn’t do that.

I’m still happy with the rec’s I mentioned. I’d look into those, find affordable iterations and/or try-before-you-buy as possible.

Which one are those again?

Sure. Just, these…


I concur on the recommendation of the Focal Clear og. :smiley:


Gonna third the focal here while none of the suggestions imo are basshead cans focal imo is a clear cut above the sennheisers especially in mids, detail, and clarity.

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Personally id start with the Sundara, they are very “airy” sound with a lot of mid and vocals, they do sacrifice bass impact, but it will give you an idea of what you are looking for.

The 660s might be the obvious choice but it could also be a bit too similar and not give enough variety (also the 560S is an option)

As far as the other brands, I dont have any experience with ZMF but Focal tend to very clear, in some cases too clear (Might feel a bit too “sharp”)