What's dms intro music

Specifically in this video, i find it really relaxing. Also would love to know the genre!

Without watching the video knowing dms it’s lo fi hip hop or chill? Also he has his own tidal playlist I think for what he likes

PM on here and ask?

@M0N couldnt find it on his tidal

I’d ask if he was on here lol. I asked on his discord, no replies yet @Ohmboy

Btw i most likely feel it’s one of those youtube no copyright music

Aye seems he’s no longer a mod…@MON is he still admin?

Edit or has he fallen into the ‘Abyss’?

@DMS he’s still on here lol

In the past DMS has linked to this guy:

#6 Visages is the closest with the same style, but its not that song. If you haven’t found the same genre yet.

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Oh I completely forgot to update you guys, the song was Gelatin Nature by Ooyy. Have fun listening to it!