What's happening with my subwoofer?

Hi all,

I have just bought a new Edifier S350DB speaker. But in some songs, my subwoofer emits some strange sound like rattling sound.

The first song that I played “Infinity Ink - Infinity (Dubdogz & Bhaskar Remix) (Bass Boosted)”

The second song: “Imany feat. Filatov & Karas - Don’t Be So Shy”

Does my subwoofer have any problem?


Can you pin-point where the sound is coming?
you could play bass test with changing frequencys to have i better idea, where the sound might come. Could be just loosen or badly tighten screw on driver or amp or the black front cover.

Yes, I think the driver of subwoofer is loosen. So the bass sound is not pure but mixed with more noise.

Could just tighten the driver first and see will it help.
Easy step is to return it and get a new on.

Even re-sealing the driver ain’t big step. Could add material between the driver and box to make it seal better but might lose possible warranty. If that truly is where the sound is coming.

It’s a new speaker. I can’t open it myself.
I went to the store I bought to ask to listen to another S350DB speaker.
Unexpectedly, this S350 also suffers from the same phenomenon with Infinity Bass Boosted tracks.
I’m thinking Are all S350DB speakers suffering from this phenomenon?

You could ask the store to contact manufacturer is the noise “normal”, or contact edifier urself.
Is the driver on it’s limits or just badly sealed/mounted? Other one might be fixable and i would try it but if the driver is at it’s limits. No bueno.

I brought it to the store for them to check. They have checked and concluded that it is normal.
They explained this phenomenon caused by cut-off frequency.
I don’t believe that is reason.

Could be.
Could use a tone generator like SineGen2.1 and figure out the frequency at wich the rattle occurs.

There is also a chance that internal wires vibrate creating the noise.

Because I tried another S350DB demo in the store and it’s the same phenomenon.
So if what you said is true then the subwoofer is normal? The cause is the track has so many the frequency creating the noise.

Yea could be normal and this it what you get from S350DB sub.
Is it audible with same tracks but in little lower volume and does it go away if lowering more.
Using the test tracks or generator you should notice when it starts and how much volume is needed.

Could also be that driver is bottoming out, in it’s limits and not cutting out.

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Can you help me test play this track on other S350DB or other speaker?
I want to make sure that the track can be played well on other devices.
Thanks for your help!

Well we only one store that has S350DB and they on order so no luck testing.
Could not get the soundcloud versio to distort or make that sound you had.
Tough the bass is wayyy boosted so might have effect on the tiny sub not being able to push.
Like the original versio better.

Oh, thanks for your effort.
With some tracks have little bass, and the clipping sound is smaller too.

That sound could be caused by one of five possible things (in order of likelyhood): a the driver or back panel rattling due to loose screws/bolts, a loose wire inside vibrating against something during heavy bass, the crossover/amp not being firmly mounted inside, the enclosure not being well-constructed, or the the driver’s voice coil not being properly aligned. Often, speakers will ship with the screws/bolts loosened about a quarter turn. It looks like you have some hex bolts securing the driver from the front, and some screws attaching the back panel from the outside. I would get the appropriate screwdrivers, and just make sure everything is firmly tightened.

Thanks for your advice. I will check it.