"What's her name?" headphone edition

Hey Friend!

I’m in need of a headphone recommendation. I usually listen to electronic music (idm, trance), but also every other genre out there too, occasionally. I’d like a new daily driver and I think these attributes would be the most important for me: spacious soundstage, excellent imaging and separation, texture, timbre and detail retrieval with a fun leaning neutral sound signature is what I imagined. Also, Bass extension is crucial.

Currently I use an Aeon closed and it’s pretty good, but the soundstage is just a bit too small for me, and it can somethimes sound a leetle bit lifeless, otherwise it’s perfect in my opinion.

What price range are you looking in?

Also they just released the aeon 2 that apparently has much better soundstage, and can now fold to that might be something to look into

Also something like the dt1990 seems up your alley from what you describe

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My budget tops out at around 1000$

The Aeon 2 is really interesting indeed, I’ll have to listen to it once my local retailer has it in store, up until now I’ve heard very conflicting opinions about it.

The dt1990 is another one I read up on a bit just now and I’ve found that it fits most of my criteria, but I’m quite sensitive to treble peaks and in Joshua Valour’s video about the headphone, he mentions that it is a bit trebley, frequency response graphs also indicate this. Is it really like that?

It can bothersome for those who are treble sensitive, so the 1990 may not be the best option if you find yourself sensitive to treble (but I’m not bothered by it)

I think the focal clear might be something to look at if you can find it on sale, but I think the bass might not be enough for you (or timbre can be a bit inorganic at times)

You could try a hifiman arya but that might have a presentation that you may or may not enjoy

There will have to be some trade offs with you will have to deal with, so I would say it comes down to what you value the most

The zmf headphones could be something to look into (but I haven’t had enough experience with them to make a recommendation)

The lcd x if you find a deal could be something you may enjoy, but the midrange is a bit recessed