What's out there for a tube amp with a DAC?

I’m most interested in options where the tube amp is not hybrid, but feel free to share hybrid options.

I know there’s that one from Xduoo…but forget the exact model. 05 maybe?

Like are we talking headphone or speaker amp?

headphone…I posted in the right forum didn’t I?

Ah. I’m on my phone so the header is compressed so I didn’t see. My bad. sorry

In canada a company that makes affordable non hybrid head amps is mapletree audio design.
They have about 4 amp types available
They do ship internationally


Theres the csp3 from decware

And the various bottlehead amps

There are others I feel but they leave the realm of affordability for most people

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When the owners of mapletree come back from vacation I’ll be ordering an amp and some switches from them

I think it’s the TA03S from Xduoo that’s the full tube amp with usb dac

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Tor Audio Tube Dac. PCM5102a dac + tube + transformer so you don’t have to be worried about the output impedace. There’s no solid-state so it’s not a hybrid. Not sure why the website says it is a preamp.

Aune T1SE. It’s a hybrid. DSD1793 dac & tube + solid state amp. The line out is for the dac AND tube So unlike other hybrids, you can use other amps.

Xudoo has TA10, TA20 and TA30 but they’re all hybrids. I’m not familiar with their other products.

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Good call…two versions, the David and the Rick. Haven’t heard them, but hear good things about them.

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MTA doesn’t make combo units though…it’s just a tube amp, no DAC.

There is also this.



is it any good?

Outside of some little dot and xduoo stuff, dont think there ar emany tube amp dac combos and those that are, arent often lauded for their dacs
I feel like you can get a decent otl Little dot and a separate SMSL dac for the same price as a combo

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yes…but a combo unit would be all about convenience. :wink:

also, the Tor combo units are indeed called the Rick and David…or Tube DAC and Tube DAC II.

Tor has some stupid pop-up to show the product specs, so here’s a link to their page, click on products and then on the item you wish to look over. :stuck_out_tongue:


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There’s also the tube dac/amp from Flux Labs, which also acts as a headphone stand (I think that’s ingenious) for around 900$. I haven’t heard it yet, unfortunately. Dying to try it though!

If you’re skilled, a Speedball Crack would have all sorts of room for say an ifi Nano to be permanently wired under the chassis.

If you’re not then feel free to take my brilliant suggestion to a skilled craftsman for implementation, I’m feeling benevolent today.


It’s alright, I heard it at a show, fit and finish was very nice, but admittedly nothing really stood out to me on it, don’t know if it would end up being a good value or not tbh

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Since no one mentioned it on the thread, Lyr 3.