Whats the best Fps Competitive headphones Open/closed

I looking for a good set of headphones for more Competitive gaming, Open/closed with out an amp/DAC.

I had the ad500x but the comfort wasent that great. I want to use then mostly for battlefield 2042

200$ budget


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I hear the imaging is good on those.

No doubt someone is going to mention the DT990.

I prefer either the DT880 or the beyer Tygr 300R

The DT 880 yes it’s not as competitive as the DT990 but it still has that excellent imaging. Doesn’t stab your ears and is still bright so you’re still going to get that detail. If you get the 600ohm the bass is tight very well controlled and textured. Scales very well with better amps

The Tygr has some of the best imaging I have the least experience with this headphone I got to use it a handful of times but what an excellent all round headphone. If I didn’t own my MMX 300’s which are unfortunately out of your price range I’d own those

He definitely isn’t going to be running a 880 or 990 ampless I can assure that.

@TelloTv is this pc gaming or consoles? If pc what motherboard are you using for this?

Oh shit :sweat_smile: I don’t know I over looked that. I feel bad now.

Switching it up for something cheap for decent imaging 4XX/HE4X does have good imaging and great soundstage. Doesn’t require an amp but does scale.