Whats the deal with the Sivga Planar Magnetic headphones?

So i was watching the Zeos review of the Sivga headphones and decided to check out their website. well under their planar magnetic headphones section theres the Sendy Aiva’s and theres also the Blon B20’s, painted all black. They had a couple other headphones there that i did not recognize.

We’ve been wondering where the Aiva, Blon B20, M570 and Hf580 drivers comes from, maybe its Sivga?

heres the page:

I always thought Bosshifi (blon) was the OEM of the beryllium 50mm headphones, and the 97*76, but I could never find real proof.

All I was able to find was Sivga is the parent company of Sendy. Edit (links): Here is the article on Sivga/Sendy regarding Chinese starts ups. There was also a patent by Sivga that claimed the ornamental design of the grill. So I don’t know who makes and licenses the driver and is been bugging me for a while.

But one of the Japanese distributers put a video out there of SendyAiva handling the wood.

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very interesting. I think youre right. i think theres probably a parent company out there and maybe the Blon B20 and Aiva’s are owned by them. Maybe its Sivga. Kinda funny though cause the only thing Sivga seems to have on their reputation are cheap below 140$ headphones. But those headphones have gotten great reviews. Maybe some dude who really knows what hes doing is in charge of their audio division?

And who owns Monoprice? are they even a asian company? maybe Sivga or some other conglomerate owns or leads them all.