Whats the largest driver out there?

Ive been listening to my estat Koss 95x and it started me wondering. are these the largest driver for headphones out there? Dynamic, Planar and Electrostatic which headphones have the largest of each type? is larger better?

While I couldn’t say for sure, I’d be willing to bet that Electrostatic’s drivers (being nicknamed ear speakers) have the largest, with planar right behind them.
As far as better… That’s entirely relative. Smaller drivers tend to be better at higher frequencies, as it’s easier to make the small rapid movements to recreate them compared to larger drivers, which tend to be better at producing lower notes. This is, of course, more true with dynamic drivers, and can be impacted by other factors brought into the tuning of the rest of the headphones.
TLDR: It depends.

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Don’t know the measurements, but my guess would be the Jecklin Float:


A pretty dang large dynamic is in the sony MDR-Z1R, it’s like 75mm for a dynamic that’s fairly large

There is actually a new version of the float


I have tried these and they are pretty sweet, but I think the raal has them beat

found them:


only 2000$, should i buy them?

I didn’t even know it existed until recently. I was watching one of Metal571’s videos and looked at the list of headphones he would want to audition. I googled it and cracked up when I saw the pics. I haven’t heard them obviously, and the Raal’s seem to have a lot of fans. I also seem them available used fairly regularly too

You still need a specific amp that might be around the 4k range if I remember correctly

They are an experience, but with the raals now, I don’t think I could see myself considering one

Hmm, the Raals have True Ribbon™ with Earfield™ technology. Is that a new driver?

certainly seems to beat out the Float looks wise:

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Well they are ribbon drivers instead of the usual dynamic, estat, or planar

those things look pretty awesome! :smiley:

Looks like he has two microwave ovens strapped to his head?

Clearly it’s the revolutionary product that allows you to give yourself radiation therapy in the comfort of your own home, brought to you by the creators of the Therac-25

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I mean, you could like…


AKG K1000 is(was) another real one - but like the sado-maso attempts

or the RAAL + subwoofer is loads of driver

Thanks for the video. The more i think about these type of headphones the more i like them. The Raal looks awesome! I found this guy on youtube. likes to review a lot of, lets say “different” headphones. appearently the company that made the Float is still around making headphones. the ones they make now is called Precide ERGO 1 & 2. Here are his videos on them. also the AKG K1000:

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So whats the largest driver a Planar Magnetic comes in? I think the LCD4 uses a 106mm. Is that the largest?

Well largest in a headphone? Or a speaker?

Also imo driver size really doesn’t matter as much as you think

largest in a headphone