What's with the forward hi-hat?

I have only come across this in some hip-hop/rap, metal and electronic music. More often than not, the popular-trending songs will have very forward hi-hat sounds. Personally I hate this and can’t imagine why they would mix the audio this way.

I can notice this in every single audio source I have ever heard. I guess they are pushing for a v-shape sound but why would they do this since most consumer-level audio stuff is already v-shaped. Who really likes these hi-hats shoved in their ear so much ?

I can only imagine listening to this with the darkest of headphone… and that’s what I do with my EQ to listen to these songs.

Is it just me? Am I super sensitive to this sound? I like a little brightness or neutrality but if these songs are already so v-shaped I just can’t stand it.

My guess is because consumer level stuff usually has shit detail retrieval so they do this to fake some detail type of sound into the otherwise bassy song?

EDIT: I am talking about a short closed hi-hat type of sound, or something similar like a drum stick smacking something and the sound breaks very soon. Here is an example: Blizzard (Original Mix) - YouTube

The sound that is first heard at around 0:14 mark.