What's your go-to headphone?

of your collection, what headphone is your go-to? the one that makes you smile when you use it, no matter what you’re listening to.

did you find that the equipment you use affected how you came to like these headphones so much?

Probably the DT 990 used to not be my go to until I got the liquid spark . The LS does a really food job at smoothing out the highs. I don’t really have a headphone for everytype of music but between all the gear I own even against the 58x the 990 is what I reach for the most these days. As I listen to a lot of hip hop and r and b. If I really want to listen to lyrics then I reach for the 58x. I think both headphones are just above compliment for each other .

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Mostly it is the LCD-X. That sounds right across the entire frequency range (to my ears). When that is not in use my second go to is either the Ether CX or Stax L300 LE.

Probably Ananda, though I tend to use different headphones for different genres and situations.

Ananda - first choice for fully focused listening
Dekoni Blue - Metal, big bass tracks
NDH 20 - Audio production
6XX - Thrash and Prog. Also for sleeping because the shape works well with pillows
Mobius - Bluetooth, occasional surround gaming and movies