What's your music rant?

complaints about trends, stereotypes, etc?

at this moment it’s music where they artificially make the bass sound like a sub peaking out. <_<

Not enough cowbell!

I’ve got a fever…and the only prescription is more cowbell


The state of current popular country music. Bro country, hick-hop, auto-tune. It’s F*CKING HORRIBLE.

There is so much good alt-country and real country being recorded in Nashville, Austin and other places, and other than Zach Bryan and maybe a bit of Chris Stapleton, it’s never heard on terrestrial country radio.

  • Music quality is in heavy decline since around 2010.
  • New music trends are superfluous, boring, stale
  • Music genres are stagnant in their evolution, some genres even devolved, e.g. Hip-Hop
  • Music production is a big recycling plant

Maybe I’m spoiled being a teenager in the 90’s where we had a myriad of new genres, styles and cultural movements.

The blooming of electronic music: Techno, Trance, Drum 'n Bass, Jungle, IDM, Dancefloor, Ambient, House. It was a music paradise! The whole culture around it, Festivals, Clubs, Love Parade etc.

Rock and Metal music also evolved, already in the 80s, but still going strong in the 90s with Grunge, Crossover, Hardcore etc.

Same with Hip-Hop/Rap, Wu-Tang Clan defined a whole branch. Distinct East Coast/West Coast styles.
2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Outkast, The Roots and countless others.

All this crystalized/refined roughly from the end of the 90s till 2010. Then stagnation kicked in.
E.g. Rock bands want to revive the 70s sound. No more innovation in Electronic music. In the 90s almost every month a new sub-genre came up.

Nowadays everything is meh.


Asking our friend the AI about some statistical data

Are there statstistics about new emerging music genres and sub-genres per decade?

Imho from the the 2000s on the genres became less distinct. Cloud Rap? Witch House? What?
Let’s ask “What new genre can you identify for the 2020s”. Now I’m completely lost…

Afro(beats) Fusion was a thing under different names for a long time. 3 out of 5 are pop sub genres. I don’t like pop. Emo Rap? GTFO! It’s depressing.


My grip is simply poorly mastered/recorded albums, either old or new. That includes albums from the era of the loudness wars.


Could you describe that in more detail? I suspect what it is you’re talking about, but I don’t listen to enough mainstream(?) music to be sure there isn’t some even newer horror going around.

Gotta crank those compressor up!

jk. in all seriousness yes i hate that, i love high dynamic range

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It’s good though.
There is so much good music coming out lately, you just have to know where to look. The old “new music sucks” spiel gets tiring fast.

This crap? Not form me thanks.

Music to sacrifice goats to.

Huh so that’s “witch house”. A pretty nuanced sub-genre, sounds like Mr. Kitty to me. So basically vaguely haunting synth-wave/darkwave. I actually like the overall vibe of this, but without all the occult/horror based visuals it’s not necessarily the vibe I get from the sides. Sort of a dreamy industrial.

The weirdest thing is how that video flows together despite being all completely different artists. Uncanny that so many separate creators settled on such a similar sound to one another. With all the processing, there’s not really any way to tell one female vocalist from another.

Reminds me a little of The Birthday Massacre who’ve been at work since the 2000’s

Some of my favorite more recent groups tend to be ones re-exploring older sounds, like Temples, Pond, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, to name a few. Tropical Fuck Storm are more or less doing their own thing, but there’s not much else left to do to some extent.

By this decade, someone’s already done screaming over power tools, whispering over power tools, crossing folk and trance, using metal vocals with polka music, spoken word over synths, psychedelic shoegaze, etc, etc.

Anything new would be in between two other already plotted coordinates, or borrowing a little from two or three already labeled “genres”. Just how nuanced “witch house” is to be its own hybrid micro-genre is an example of that.

I’m not saying we won’t hear completely new things, but it’s hard to imagine them yet with so many ideas, and combinations of those ideas, already explored.

You could look at fashion the same way. There’s been very little change in what people wear over the last 2 decades, people just make minor re-appropriations from the previous decades that saw such distinct shifts. 60’s → 80s massive change in clothing compared to 2000s → 2020s. From sheepskin vests to polyurethane jackets, vs. hoodies to hoodies.

Not a criticism, it just seems like with fewer barriers left to cross, it’s more a question of what we want to borrow and reinterpret from the past.

That’s the beauty of music. There is something for everyone.

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