What's your portable setup?

show off and maybe get inspired by some mobile setups
if you have more than one (I have two), show off each one, elaborate freely and explain why
P.s. While sexy gear is always appreciated I’m personally more interested in comfort, flexibility, and overall “fun”

So I’ll kick things off
My running/exercise setup
iem of choice of the Legacy 3 (with AZLA XELASTEC tips) with a TRN BT20s Pro
love the Legacy 3 they are just a great all-rounder, they are also light and comfy

My outdoor/public transport/killing time setup
Meze 99 Neo (with Perforated brainwave pads) with a BTR5 (balanced)
I know there are better headphones, but the Meze 99 Neo are always fun and comfy (especially with the Perforated pads)


That is my current mobile Setup:

64 Audio Tia Fourte
Empire Ears Legend X
Chord Hugo 2


very Snazzy :smiley:

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Luxury & Precision P6 Pro
Jomo Trinity Brass
Earsonics Grace

Not Pictured (on loan):

MMR Gae Bolg
Lessfox BX2 Plus


That looks very well done. :ok_hand:

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Thanks, I’m planning on getting a nicer portable carry case and really need to sort out a case for the p6p since mine didn’t come with one :sweat_smile:

Wonderful setup!

I also have that Miter case and i really like there stuff. Ver well priced and good quality :slight_smile:

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Thanks, it is pretty nice, I just wish that I didn’t have to open it a specific way so that my iems don’t fall out :joy:

you guys make me feel like a basic bitch…