When is the best time to buy audio gear during the year?

Hello Everyone,

I have a list of what I am going to buy ready and I’m not in a rush to buy them. So my question is, When is the best time during the year to buy audio gear? Specifically Hifiman headphones, amps and dacs. My next purchases to be more specific are the Hifiman Sundara, ifi Zen CAN, and JDS atom dac. Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

My guess would be around Black Friday in November but what do I know…

Whenever whatever you are looking for is available used for a good price and your ready to buy?

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Near the end of the year with black friday and 11/11 and such, but be aware that many bigger brands have a lock on pricing from retailers.

I haven’t seen any significant drops for Hifiman, Ifi or JDS from retailers. I’ve seen coupons or deals direct on their site, but it could match what retailers sell on the norm.

If the price is right.
Any day and any time.

Extra or special sales might have the lowest prices but those are not day / month / year related.
In US the BF or CM might be , our is just a lie!

used = anytime a deal pops up
and Black Friday or brand / product anniversary sales.