Where do I go after nighthawks?

I really liked these headphones but the headband and cups are pretty much destroyed at this point and I am unable to get replacements because it was discontinued. These were my favorite headphones so I am looking for something that is as close to them as possible, so far only LCD-2C seems closest to them but maybe there is something else that would be able to replicate the nighthawk sound?

I’m not a big headphone guy, but on a cursory search, the AKG K7XX seems fairly in-line with the response of the Nighthawk. Reasonably priced and you may even find someone with a pair willing to let you demo them first and see if they can fill the Nighthawk-shaped hole in your heart:

The old Aeon Flow Open could be a candidate, too, if you can find a pair for sale:

Sorry to say nothing reproduces the nighthawks signature. That is one headphone that I probably won’t ever let go because it’s so dark and funky but still has detail.
Campfire audio cascade might get you close though so maybe take a look there.

have you looked into third party pad options? I’m pretty sure they exist!


Unfortunately graphs don’t show the funkiness that the nighthawks have with the ultra low distortion drivers. It’s why the headphone was so polarizing for people.

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Yeah, for the cups I could probably find something, but the headband is basically gone and couldn’t really find a replacement for it

by headband, do you mean the suspension strap? if so, perhaps take a look at that suspension strap mod someone created for HiFiMan cans. I forget the name…they’re an audio reviewer on YT that also has a store with lots of nifty doodads. they’re out of the UK…so that should be enuff to Google-fu them :wink:

You inspired me to go find mine in my storage lol.

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Customcans UK is the side you’re searching for :wink:

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Nothing that I know of comes close to its sound around its price, just buy another one used, they’re so cheap for what they offer you might as well. If you have the OG and the want more bass, get the Carbon.

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