Where does one buy headphone drivers?

This is a weird request but none of the parts sites I look at seems to sell headphone drivers. Ebay can’t be the only place can it?

You could try contacting the manufacturers themselves and see if they are willing to sell them. Aliexpress also has DIY headphone drivers, knockoff drivers and empty headphone frames. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Found this website. Looks like they sell some grado and sivga frames as well as drivers.

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Some Grado style drivers…

Digikey, maybe?

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I’m looking for the 600 ohm or similar beyer drivers for the DT880 or a 300 ohm biodynamic without going through Beyer themselves. Might be interesting playing with headphone design

I’m pretty sure Beyer makes their 600 ohm drivers themselves. They use special wire type and winding technique to get that impedance, if I’m not mistaken. AKG also has/had made a 600 ohm headphone. I don’t know the story on those drivers.

I’ve found some 3rd party sellers who sell the 32 ohm and 250 ohm that beyer makes. Just not the 600

You can get the 600ohm driver (and other parts) directly from Beyerdynamic. I think it is around $60 US for just 1 driver. Not sure that is really worthwhile.

Has anyone here ever tried building their own driver?

Some folks have managed to build their own Electrostats