Where to adjust volume

Hey all,
Sorry if this is in the wrong section but after about two years of “yes, no maybe, later”-ing I decided to upgrade my shitty bluetooth headphones for a nice set of wired headphones and decent AMP and DAC to drive them.
I couldn’t be happier with my setup, what a difference! But I was wondering… Where do I adjust my volume?
I don’t know if that’s a dumb question because it doesn’t matter or because everyone should know the answer…

But I right now have 4 places where I can adjust the volume: Foobar, Windows, DAC and AMP. So i’m assuming I set and forget 3 and adjust on one but which one? Or does it not matter at all?

Thanks in advance!

Lowering the volume in Windows does lower the bit rate, I don’t know enough about Foobar but the ideal place to lower or raise the volume is as close to the amplifier as possible. If it’s an integrated amp, I’d do it there. If it’s just an amp, you’d want the preamp to do it.

The critical portion is before the data is converted from digital back to analogue. Not as critical after it’s left the DAC.

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@db_Cooper So I’d be keeping Windows and Foobar maxed out and turn the knob on the amp or the dac, those two wouldn’t make a difference (SMSL SH-9 and SMSL SU-8)? :slight_smile:

Turn everything all the way up and use the amp’s volume.