Where to buy 4 pin umbilical for Swans

Anyone know where to get an extension cable to go between Swans M200 MKIII+ speakers? The cable they come with is about 2m short for my room. I see this one on Amazon but I’m not 100% sure that’s the right connector plus it looks kinda cheap. Thanks!

No ideas ay? Frustrating… I put a request in at Hart Audio cables 5 days ago but no reply yet. I think they’re pretty backlogged.
In the mean time I got this short extension off Ebay. It works but they only have very short ones.
The one in the link above does not work with these speakers, per the one and only reply I got from Swans. Their customer support is crap, fyi.

Clarification: Swans customer support is garbage. Hart is awesome.

If the MK III has this type of connection/connector or close to these.

Would be very easy to DIY own cable, perfect length cable with quality material.

I was cleaning out a cabinet a few days ago and found my old [ancient] soldering iron. Might have to take your advice and do it myself because I can’t find anything online.
Sure would be nice to find an easy alternative though and a pox on Swans for not taking care of the customers by offering longer.

I’m not sure it it’s exactly the same, but I believe that is the same style of pinout that Vanatoo uses on their Transparent One Encores. I would email them to confirm, as their umbilical is quite long and may suit your needs.

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I just got off the phone with Gary at Vanatoo. He was very helpful and now I really wish I’d got those Vanatoos instead.
He’s taking a look at a photo of the Swans connector but we both think it’s the same as theirs. Problem solved.


Gary and Rick are good people, and they make great speakers to boot! I hope it works out for you!

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Turns out the Vanatoo cable isn’t a match. So it’s back to building one myself or living with what I have now. Swans sound great for sure but I recommend do-no-buy because of the horrible customer service. Swans Fail.

use the connectors that came with the swans on new length wire?

thats what i would do anyways. wire is cheap, connectors can be expensive for rare ones.

edit: solder is never permanent and can be removed easily.

alternatively you can skip the connectors and solder wire to the pin or rig up banana plugs. the 4 pins are for dual amping. 2 positive and 2 negative. you can solder any connection you want to them as long as you know what pin is what.

Id still say the connectors i linked earlier would be the right one.
Super easy DIY…


Atleast they look like perfect match. Even swapping the speaker connector ain’t that bad.

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i agree, just giving him alternatives =)

edit: and making wires is mega easy.

Thanks. I will semi do what you suggest Joshua :smile:
I have the short CB extension I got off Amazon- it works perfectly so I’ll use those connectors when I tackle this.
MadGman- both Gary and I were pretty sure it was a match too but he wisely suggested we both measure them and the Swans connector is 1/2", whereas the Vanatoo is a hair over 3/8th".

That sucks, I hope the DIY route gets you where you need to be!

yea, i did not suggest the Vanatoos connector or cable. :slight_smile:
The one i found has a drilling hole of **5/8 Inch (15mm) so the connector is bit smaller.
Might even pretty close to the Swan “1/2"” connector (12.7mm)?

The swan connector cannot be universal secret that no one else would sell. lol
But you do what you do.