Where to change playback bit rate in MacOS Catalina?

I’m not 100% sure if this is applicable to my situation, as I’ve connected my ENGO2 Pro via SPDIF on my Mac Mini, that is running Catalina. I can navigate through MacOS for the most part, but I’m still learning about it’s deepest darkest secrets. :wink:

I just want to ensure it’s set to max so I don’t undermine my music quality with potential down sampling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look for a little app called Audio MIDI Setup. That’s the relevant tool for previous versions of MacOS.



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yeh…had a brain fart and couldn’t find that. your posts jogged the memory enough. thank you!

anyone else here using MAC and have issues running 192 / 24? I emailed Geshelli for help and they said Mac is known to have issues at the highest setting. seems I added clipping / stutter that’s cleared up dropping it to 176.4 :stuck_out_tongue:

I would actually set it to 24 96 instead of 176.4 imo

I thought that was an odd spec, LoL. when or where would that be or get used?

oh wow…176.4 sounds better! well…more intense. when I dropped to 96 / 24, it became subdued in comparison!

That’s really strange, that shouldn’t be the case lol. But if it works then just go with it. I was going to explain the difference between 176.4 vs 192 but that’s too long winded lol

yeh…just tested with a tone generator. it’s not a huge difference, but enough to be noticeable and when I jumped it to 192 / 24, it did nothing but clip :stuck_out_tongue:

Oddly enough went to fiddle with Midi
with my Chord Hugo TT2 its automatically set to 32 bit and is unchangeable and can be pushed all the way to 768 with no clipping.

perhaps you changed it long ago. it’s a mild action to care for, so easily forgettable.

I’m just surprised that 176.4 sounds better than 92, when my source is HQ streaming from Spotify. once COVID-19 settles down, I will have to try a blind test on my brother in law and see if he hears any difference.

I made audirvana automatically set my audio to 768 when turns on. Every other program it switches back to 44.1

I dont notice a huge difference after a certain point for Spotify Free or Youtube with it. So I set it back to 44.1

Side note. One of the reasons I want the Chord Mscaler is that its a high end hardware solution for a similar question of bitrate/resolution, but most importantly the guys at chord have specifically developed it with a Lip synch setting for video playback (which can be automatically set because 99 percent of film audio is in 48khz

I don’t know what you mean…with what you just said. :wink:

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