Where to go from here?

I currently have a Pair of PSB M4U1 Headphones. I think I moved in up in quality from DT 770’s when I bought the PSB’s. I have had these for a few years and replaced the headband a few times as it keeps breaking due to wear. I have had them replaced a couple of time and am done with replacing my headphones every year because they break. Not sure why? I am currently running a DacMagic Plus and I know its not the newest but it works well for now. Its an upgrade from an audioengine D1. I am also not sure if I need to replace my DAC or add a headphone amp? I listen to all formats of Music from Jazz to old school ACDC. My hearing may not be the best as they ring allot from my time in the Military. It was recommended I get a pair of open cans as I am trying to be a little gentler on my ears. Not sure though if closed or open is better fit yet? From reading the forum I got the gist that I would not need to spend over $500 for a good quality upgrade. I how ever am not sure where up is from my current headphones. Considering how much music I listen to I should of upgraded much sooner.

In addition I play video games using my current headphones and am not a hard core gamer. I can spend up to $500 to upgrade/replace my headphones. I have read most of the posts here and they are similar to what I need for but not exactly. It may not be possible to get just one pair of head phones. I know this as I saw the hilarious anime video about the slippery slope of hi end audio in another section of this forum. I even saw the post about the magic stone referred to in the video who knew it really exists. Please let me know if I need to provide any more info and yes I do understand this forum is clogged with posts like this one. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Personally I would suggest you go for a headphone upgrade as the dacmagic plus is fairly solid already. You have lots of options to go for, what type of sound signature are you aiming for? What do you like about the m4u1 and what would you change? Also what type of performance are you looking for in games?

What I like about the M4u1 is the way it reproduces music openness. I think this is called headphone sound-stage. I am not familiar with these terms yet but I am trying. I do not know what sound signature would be applied to these headphones I would have to honestly look at a review. I would think a neutral sound is preferred as I listen to so many types of music that to much low or high end would get in the way. I am not a sound expert and am asking for advise. I just like the way the sound felt when I listened to these headphones compared to other ones when I was purchasing my PSB headphones. What I do not like is the build quality and the way these dang things keep breaking right in the middle. I do not play allot of First Person Shooters so I do not need to hear someone sneaking up on me a mile away. I hope this help narrow it down.

Gotcha, then personally I am inclined to suggest something like a hifiman sundara, as it’s pretty neutral and extends well into the bass and treble. Also very open sounding, with lots of detail and a refined signature. It might lack a bit of warmth or midrange timbre but it is impressive. I think the build is solid and the comfort is pretty good. I think if you went with it, perhaps picking up an amp like the schiit magni 3+ would be worthwhile as it does benefit from extra power. TLDR these would sound spacious, clear, detailed, refined, extended, and neutral

If you wanted something with a bit more warmer and thick sound, you could consider something like the audioquest nighthawk which would have a very immersive sound what almost sounds like it’s recreating a space inside the headphones, pretty neat. It sounds very natural and has very good bass and mid range impact and performance with great timbre, with a bit less treble but pretty relaxing. TLDR these would sound thick, warm, punchy, good detail, and have a really interesting way of creating a sound stage, but they do sound closed (but not in a bad way, like a room on your head)