Which Active Bookshelf Speakers for Desktop?

Hi everyone,

Looking for a pair of active bookshelf speakers for desktop use, for music listening and the occasional movie watching and gaming as well.

The options I have been looking at so far:

  • Swan M300 (no availability in Australia though it seems?)

  • Swan M200MKIII

  • Edifier S3000 pro

  • Epoz Aktimate Maxi+

  • Vanatoo T1 Encore (lack of availability as well)

Would love to hear any opinions on these models or suggestions of other speakers I should consider as well.


dunno what those cost down there, but there are also the Kanto YU4.


Yeah Kanto YU4 are better than the RB42, which are another option too.

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I personally like the rb42 with a good amp better but with a subpar amp the YU4 might out preform it

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I’ve heard tho that the bass is a LITTLE BIT lacking. With the YU4

I also don’t think it’s as well designed crossover wise as the rb42


@M0N I was very surprised myself how much better the bass was and overall sound when I switched to the SMSL AD18 from the Origain.

I think it gets better with a higher quality amp too, it’s somewhat amp dependant

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I recommend this. Joe n tell is a cool dude and has his leaderboard that he updates all the time and he shows you in the video why he places them where he does

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well, they’re asking about active speakers…not passive, so anything that uses an amp doesn’t really apply. of course, it’s always an idea to let them consider it…but if there’s space constraints, it’s a no-go.

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I love my Vanatoo T Zeroes. But they do sound much better since I added a DAC and amp between the computer and speakers. It also gives me a headphone jack. I keep meaning to drag them out into the living room and try them with the TV system, but haven’t done so yet.

I really like small size and unique shape too. Tons of connection options and a remote are also included.

I’ve been using the YU4 for around 2 years and have never noticed a lack of bass. I find them to fill my needs well enough that I stopped searching when I got them. That does mean that I don’t have experience with other options out there. So take it with a grain of salt.

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Hi Marzipan, yeah I’ve seen the Kanto’s getting rave reviews everywhere. I think they cost about $450 here and $650 for the YU6. They are definitely on my shortlist.


Thanks everyone for their input so far. I’ve spent time watching a lot of reviews mainly from Zeos and JoeNTell. Anyone have any opinions on more expensive models like the Kanto Tuk, Klipsch The Sixes etc.?

The tuk is good all around, but doesn’t shine in a particular area, but is a super solid package. The sixes are pretty nice, although have a more consumer tuning so pretty warm sounding with an enjoyable tuning