Which amplifier and reciever will be the right fit?

Hoping to get a jackpot on Black Friday,

Its not that I can come to a conclusion, i just don’t know what would be the right fit and need help from the community! Spent hours of research and looking for amps to drive the Dali Oberon 5 or 7 and this is the list I got, will also eventually get a AV-reciever to input signal from TV and PC, maybe a dac if needed.

NAD c316 v2, c328 or amp1,
Marantz pm8006 or mm7025,
Crown XLS 1502 (POOWAAH),
Pioneer A40AE.

Denon avr-x2700h or -x3700h,
Marantz SR5015 or NR1711,
Yamaha RX-V685 or RX-V6A.

Center: I guess Oberon Vokal.
Sub: Eventually 2 subs and i think 12".
Room size: 4.2 * 3.2 meters
Important: To get loud so you can feel it in your body, lets say 100 m².
Purpose: Music and Movie
Source: Streaming services like Netflix from Nvidia Shield Pro and eventually from LG Oled CX, xbox series x and Nintendo switch, PC ehmm high quality cough"arrrr"cough, Phone either wire or bluetooth.
Music: Piano/Violin, 100-220 bpm dark/melodic psytrance, trippy rock like Jimi Hendricks or Jeff healey, Reagge. Pre-viking music like Warduna and Danheim.

I would totally rec Iotavx amps

https://www.iotaenterprises.co.uk/collections/amplifier/products/iotavx-audiophile-stereo-amplifier-sa3 + https://www.iotaenterprises.co.uk/collections/amplifier/products/iotavx-audiophile-power-amplifier
(Bluetooth dongle needs to bought separately under accessories)
You can bridge them together to get 95W per channel, otherwise, it’s 45W. Very neutral-sounding amplifier, good mids, natural-sounding vocals.

If you like tubes, then you could buy just the power amp and something like a Schiit Saga+ as preamp. Though that case you would lose the DAC portion and the price would go near 1k if you buy 2xpoweramp

The internal DAC is okay on the Iotavx, but personally would upgrade at some point. Lots of good DAC options for 100-300 these days, but that a separate topic :stuck_out_tongue:

AV receiver? Would only make sense if you want to use its HDMI in and outputs, otherwise would go for a DAC + amp combo. Most DACs have many inputs for sound, so that shouldn’t be a issue.

Im thinkin abut the NAD c316 v2 and NAD c328, or these any good for Oberon that can dip to 4ohm?

What do you need 525W per channel for? Running passive full-range speakers in a church?
I mean, it will make loud, but what for?

13.5m² are not 100, and if that is volume, assuming 2m ceiling hight, I end up at 30m³.

I am definetly the wrong person to ask for home theater setups, so take with grain of salt:
Marantz NR1711 as a center piece. It handles surrounds and handing out to subwoofers. Front channel goes to Apart Champ Two (or XLS1502, or GX 5) to satisfy whatever power needs you have. Maybe your front channels?
I honestly do not see a reason for more than 200W per channel at home (except on sub).

Cuz Powaaahh, The oberons can peak at 400 watts and it would be nice to have the option if i rent a cabin for an example and if it has a big room, to be able to give the power the speakers need as well as not being afraid to clip the amps.

What i was thinking about the crowns, not sure if it is possible, but i wanted to have one crown to power the front channels and another crown power the center and the subwoofer and both crowns connected to a receiver.

There are power amps that can take “full range” signal on both channels and then have an internal crossover to make one channel LF (subwoofer) and the other one HF (anything except subwoofer).
The XLS1502 can’t without external crossover.

In other words, it needs to have a sub pre-out?

If an AV-receiver has a sub pre-out, that’s where you connect an amplifier or does it need to have a separate pre-out?

Unless the power-amp provides that, yes.

Depends. Some Recievers have an option to select what they send out on the sub-preout, others don’t. Consult with the manual (or contact the manufacturer).