Which cables are compatible with the CM MH751/752?

Hi guys, my first time here and I already need some help with my headset which is the cm mh751. I need another cable for it, but the headset has a special lock for the cable, so there are few cables that have the right measure to get into them and I wanted to ask for help from you to know what are those cables that fit in it. It is difficult to blindly buy cables precisely because of the special lock on the headset.


Hey there, I also have the MH751 and I ordered this cable here, I can confirm it works: https://smile.amazon.com/UGREEN-Auxiliary-Compatible-Smartphones-Tablets/dp/B07HQ26P39/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=UGREEN%2B3.5mm&qid=1593980865&s=electronics&sr=1-7&th=1

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thks bro, but do you know there is a 4 pole version of these?

I don’t, sorry.

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