Which closedback headphones between these for music production/referencing?

Thanks to your kind feedback guys I have been studying and reviewing a few closedback cans which i will mostly use for music production, am still uncertain as to which one to go for , these are:

SEN. HD280 PRO - flat? or close to flat?
Sony MDR-7506 standard pro headphones?
AKG361 - many say are better than akg371 , what do you think?
AKG371 - follow harman? do they really? what about built? a bit woobly?
BEYERDYNAMICS DT770 PRO - not really flat but maybe would work when applying Sonarworks
BEYERDYNAMICS DT880 PRO - these should do the job but as i need closedback maybe leakeage would be a problem?

What are your opinions on these and which one would you go for? or would you add any to this list and why?
Thank you in advance folks!

Would throw the Sony MDR-7506 in aswell. Like the HD-280 Pro, somewhat of a default for studio headphone.

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true, i forgote to mention them but for some reasons i never got attracted to them, i wish there was a local store where i could try all of them…