Which dac to buy

Hi guys
I have two dac’s in mind Aune X8 and Topping e30.
Saw zeos reviewing this but still having trouble deciding between this two dacs, i have A90 as amp paired with ibasso D14 bushmaster.

so thats it guys, i hope u guys can whey in and help me out.

Those DACs will sound fine, but if you have an A90 and any headphones that can run balanced you might think about getting a balanced DAC, SMSL’s M200 looks like its ~$300 now, so on par with the Aune.

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Hi thanks for responding
I could go bal but the headphones I have don’t and
i don’t have any way to make then bal.
I suppose I can see a video but I am not confident enough to do it.


What cans are you using?

Honestly, feeding a balanced signal into the A90 probably won’t have a significant impact. The bigger impact tends to be in the output.

T50rp mark 3
Akg 712 pro
Dt 770 80 ohms
And planing to buy gl 2000 or harmonicdyne zeus or dt 990 premium 600 ohms
Before t50rp I thought I need just sub-bass level of headphone to enjoy movies but I was terribly wroung so now I am interested in that crazy V shape sound or in planar magnet headphones

If you’re planning to continue with the A90 as your primary amp, I might not recommend going with DT990s unless you’d mod them to run balanced. Amps like that tend to focus design around their balanced output, so the single ended quality suffers. I haven’t heard either Zeus or GL2k, but know both can be run balanced, anyway. If immersion is what you’re looking for, it seems the Zeus gets pretty good marks.

I would highly recommend picking up a pair of gl2ks on the used market and lately I’ve been really liking the he400se international version. I’m trying to put it through their paces before I talk them up anymore but its a really amazing pair of headphones for $150. If you can find a pair of gl2000s for $400 they’re fucking mind blowing with the right setup, especially with a tube preamp into a linear amp. Same with the he400se, I am still having troubles finding something wrong with them and I can’t think of a single headphone under $500 that I would choose over them. They are going to be the only headphones I recommend to anyone not willing to spend hundreds on headphones, especially since they seem to take whatever you throw at them.