Which DAC to use?

Hello everyone, first post here!

I am having trouble deciding which setup to use. I currently own Senn HD600 with xDuoo TA-01B and an O2/SDAC Grace.
Is it currently better to use the on-board xDuoo DAC or go xDuoo for the amp --> RCA cables --> O2 for the DAC?
Thank you so much in advance!

I don’t know how good the dac in the xDuoo is, but it’s probably decent enough. The SDAC is extremely good, from what I’ve seen, so if you want 110% best stuff, using the SDAC for both would be a good move. It probably wont sound that much different, though, because tubes.

In your situation, you have a lot of flexibility since you already own the stuff. Swap stuff around yourself and see if you can hear a difference or what’s most convenient for you. If you can’t hear a difference, don’t swap around the setup.

Hope I helped

the sdac is better than the xduo from what I remember.