Which dongle to buy

Do i really need to buy shanling ua2 for Legacy 4?

Or can i go for ibasso dc03 because its cheaper…

What would make you think the dc03 can’t be used with the Legacy 4? As long as you’re looking for a USB-C dongle and you’re not using a 2.5mm balanced cable on the Legacy 4, you can use the dc03, or the shanling ua1 or any other usb-c dac I guess.

Dc03 is cheaper…so if dc03 can do good i would save money…

Personally I prefer a Bluetooth solution like the FiiO BTR series or Shaling UP series, because I had a usb c dac like this and it’s pretty hard on the battery of your phone. But between the two you mentioned it doesn’t matter, they do the same thing. It really depends on what device you want to use it on if this is the best solution, but both of these devices do the same thing. If you want the cheapest option you could also check out the Hidizs Sonata. It’s also a usb-c to 3.5mm thing with a DAC and it’s cheaper than either of these.
If you are using an iPhone by the way, make sure you pick something with a lightning connector, because usb-c won’t work (or even fit)!!

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did you end up using the ibasso dc03? i have it and it is fine using on my computer but shit with my phone because a get a constant background hiss when using it. no matter if sensible iem or power demanding overear headphones