Which Earpads For Gaming

Been trying to research for which earpads to buy and I still can’t decide nor truly understand the difference among them. Can anyone here tell me the difference among the Brainwavz Round XL Velours, Sheepskin, and Micro Suede? and how they generally affect the sound of headphones (like clarity, bass, sound stage, imaging, and etc.) ? Also which ones should I buy for certain reasons? I usually play games like Battlefield V, Csgo, and Skyrim (I’ll be trying other games soon). I currently own the beyerdynamic custom studio 80ohm (Idk if this helps in determining which earpads I should get.) Also how often do you guys change your earpads (like buying new ones)? I heard people usually do it every 1-2 years.

also would buying xl round brainwavz pads give me a wider soundstage compared to buying the non xl round pads?

btw are brainwavz velour pads very much better than beyerdynamic’s own velour pads?

(btw I’ll be buying the schiit magni heresy/modi 3+ stack for my headphones)