Which headphone do you choose?

I’m looking for a fun sound. I don’t want a pure reference sound for mastering. I Will use to listen pop, dance, BSO songs and enjoy. Now I have the hd560s.

+What do I value about the sound? The detail, the imaging, the sense of immersion, the deep bass.

+What don’t I value or don’t care about? The soundstage that is massive or just optimal, that is more or less demanding in energy since I have amplification, that has sibilance since I am not sensitive to treble (unless it is extreme), that is heavy…

  • HD660s
  • HD650
  • Monolith M1060
  • Monolith M1070
  • Sivga P2
  • Beyerdinamic Dt1990 pro
  • Hifiman Sundara
  • Hifiman Edition XS

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XS and boost the bass with eq

Damn that’s a lot of bass lol

I think EDX is more a refined sound, neutral-warm and Dt1990 pro is a V shaped detail sound.