Which HP did I listen to? Help!

A few years ago some coworkers of mine let me try out their high-end headphones. At the time I had no idea what money could buy - IIRC I had just gotten my XM2s and I didn’t even know you could buy amplifiers specifically for headphones.

I got to try three pairs that day. One was a Grado, the other one was an open LCD, and the last one was a bulky closed-back. I don’t remember what it was.

Maybe you can help me figure out what it was?

That pair stood out to me, because the sound-stage sounded insanely wide. It was as if… I was in the middle of a concert hall, where sound sounded super expansive, yet very warm and inviting. Dunno how to better describe it. It’s also been a long time, so my memory could be screwing with me. I also don’t remember which song I listened to (it wasn’t my playlist).

Other things that come to mind:
They had wooden backs (but memory is a little hazy)
They were relatively bulky and heavy
They were expensive, perhaps between $1000-2000

After some googling, I think they might have been the LCD-XC with the Mahogany backs.
Does that sound right?
Any other headphones that come to mind based on my description?


Checked out the ZMF cans?

I don’t think it was a ZMF, I feel I would have remembered the design. Although the sound profile does sound like it’d match.

They also run small batches of limited edition woods so they can look quite different depending on the wood.

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Sounds about right otherwise the fostex X00

Though they aren’t that expensive