Which IEMs have great Harman tuning for under £600?

Which IEMs do you think have a good Harman tuned FR? For under £600/£700?
Something to look for: fun, energetic, non-neutral, good treble

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I think Xenns Top is a safe pick then, my guy :call_me_hand:


Agreed. If you didn’t want to go that high, I can very safely recommend the Simgot SuperMix 4. It’s pretty stellar


Let me also throw in:

Yanyin X HBB Mahina
I liked it more than Top. The bass of Mahina is also very good and strong but less boomy.
Also i found Top to be a bit peaky around 5k on some tracks.
The treble on Mahina is a bit on the darker side but very nice

Oriolus Szalayi
Slightly above budget but fantastic IEM and worth it imho.
It is really big and fun sounding, the atmosphere it creates is something else and instantly teleports you right into the music.

But be aware Szalayi is somewhere in between heftychonk and megachonker


Cheers for the suggestion

I do like Simgot’s iems but didn’t know of this one. Thanks

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Amazing chart you got there haha.

Thanks for the recommendation. Among the two you listed I think I’ll prefer Mahina as the later one might be too chunky as you mentioned which I don’t want to risk.

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Isn’t Harmon-ish considered rather “neutral”?

Would’t “fun, energetic, and treble” be best served by a deeper V-shape fr?

It probably depends on individual ear. For me Harman is more V than neutral with its bass and treble boost. They are fun and energetic I feel.


The 7HZ Salnotes Zero:2 and Moondrop Kato should be checked out for fun and how great something can sound for that price. I’ve had the Variations, Blessing 2 and 3, but my favorite for having fun is still the humbly priced Kato.


Harman isn’t neutral. Has elevated upper mids and subbass, with a bass tuck. Harman is basically a V shape sound signature.

If it’s Harman you want, the Simgot EM10 looks like a great pick and seems to be a straight upgrade from the Supermix

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truthear nova is basically harman for 150$, no need to pay more for anything else.


What is true neutral for an IEM? And is that neutral really neutral at all spls?

Edit: Fletcher-Munson



Back OT: wait until fiio releases the fd-15 then decide.

A universal “true neutral” does not exist simply due to hrtf that will mess that up (and equal loudness curve that will affect perception at different volumes, although you can match the volume with other people here at least).


Yep, neutral is a moving target. At lower volumes, the deeper v-shape then Harman, etc., are rather neutral-ish per auditory perception at different spls. That was a couple of my points.

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Another Kato vote.

The Kato, for me, needed to go balanced and some tip rolling to sound its best. I never got along with the spring tips.