Which IMR acoustics should it be?

My guess is that this topic isn’t drawing the eyes of the people that would be the most helpful. voja isn’t an IEM guy, and I don’t know anything about House Music. I was more curious because it was a brand I had never heard of.

I would maybe ask in the “IEM discussion thread”, where a number of people that have broader background might be able to help. Tell them the genre, budget, and they will likely have some good ideas.

You might mention that you have the FD1, and let them know what you like about it, or want different from it.


Like I said, just shoot BQEYZ a message on Messenger, ask kindly for a discount. You can get a significant discount just by kindly asking. If you also write reviews, you can get an even greater discount.

I can’t say that for other companies though.

@Rikudou_Goku is a pretty knowledgeable guy, I’d say. Maybe he can be of some help

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Tanchjim Oxygen is my iem for classical, but really, just go earbuds for those genres lol.

For house, you need sub-bass, thats where I would go with the CCA CRA.


That one is worth the $12-15 anyway, it is stupidly good for that little money. I don’t use them a ton, but they always amaze me for the price. The stock tips are even decent.


Splash of Gold and Splash of Red is a great place to start for those on a budget.